12 comments on “Phoenix – FengHuang (鳳凰) Ancient City, China

  1. What a beautiful small town! More and more places like this are disappearing fast, replaced by modern cities. You’re lucky to be able to visit this place while it still has its old charm.

  2. Certainly agree that some beautiful towns with a lot of charms are quickly disappearing. FengHuang is becoming touristy but the town fabric will survive. I doubt whether in the old days they have red lanterns all year round. In China, wherever you see red lanterns all over the place ( as in FengHuang) you know the place is becoming a tourist attraction!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog! I count myself fortunate to have travelled to all the places I love. I also admire you being able to live in a totally different world. I think I should have included more photos with each post, like yours.

  3. Very beautiful place. From the architecture and scenery, it tells a lot about the way of life of people living there as well as their culture. :)

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