3 comments on “Retire Tomorrow!

  1. When we were working full-time, we ran in and out of offices and were pushed by the time to make decisions on things related to works. We hardly had time to think about the meaning of our life and what we should really do (apart from making a living). I think most of the people are like us (though I have not made any polls on this, I suspect 99% of the working people are doing the same). And this is Hong Kong people, work is 100% of his life, but obviously our life is not solely about work.
    Retirement gives us a good time to reflect, I think, when you can spare your soul and heart to something else that could make your life more interesting and meaningful.
    Happy retirement, Michael!

  2. I find retirement fantastic, since I start to realize that the world is huge and immensely interesting, only if one’s curiosity continues to last, no single day is boring!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, one has to be mentally, physically active to enjoy the golden years. I like your posts on music and hope other people would like them too!

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