I am an Island

The government has finally awaken to the land supply issue and yesterday proposed artificial islands and reclamation as a solution.

25 locations including islands and marginal reclamations are proposed. The timing for airing this is about right. Recently, there was quite a lot of support from the public on the construction of a third runway. There seems to be a swing in the public opinion towards improving our infrastructure and supplying more land.

Obviously, some of the proposed locations are non starters and are just proposed so as to strengthen the argument for the more preferred locations which they may have in mind.

If I were an island, I would be asking :

what will I be used for ( community facilities? incinerators? wind farms? housing? they have different requirements)

what will be the (absolute / relative) environmental (including ecological) impacts?

what will be the modes of transport ( will there be any connecting bridges? I don’t forever want to be an island! . . . as no man is an island)

what will be the approximate costs?

As an engineer ( retired though!), we know these schemes are feasible from an engineering persepctive. The real question is policitics. This time, the government seems to prefer to fight a battle with environmentalists and not the villagers. In any case, the government is only testing water.

Whatever the outcome of the consultation, I won’t cry, as an island never cries ( re Simon & Garfunkel)

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