Islands in the Sun

Following Government’s announcement of the islands and reclamation scheme ( see my post “I am an Island”), we now have a circus:

The Wolf has openly indicated (without giving any reasons) that islands / reclamations should be avoided as far as possible, that is, a last resort.

The Pig remained silent. Silence maybe the best answer when you do not know the answer. Maybe, he is an intelligent pig. Pigs are known to have high IQ, have DNA nearest to us, always trying to keep clean but still look dirty. The pig, if not the boar at least, is a survivor. This pig, who likes red wine, at least have DNA closest to us.

The other Animals in the Animal Farm ( re George Orwell’s book) continue to scream about the ugly monopoly and powers of the building and land developers. They continue to protest about some animals being more equal than the others; enjoying more privileges.

Meanwhile the Farm owner ( government officials ) have not elaborated their islands / reclamations scheme. They are just like the students in the university under my supervision carrying out a design project and halfway into their superficial studies without any conclusion: a lot (25) of possibilities but no deliberation as to their social, environmental and economic impacts.

It comes as a surprise that the waters south of Penny’s Bay (Disney Theme Park) is not considered one of the 25 possibilities. It was originally earmarked for the development of Container Terminal Nos. 10 – 13 and beyond. The developement of Penny’s Bay into a theme park meant that we have given up the last best site for the developement of any future container terminals in the territory ( was that a good decision?). Subject to investigation, a large piece of land can be formed here without  the need for any connecting bridges. Why is this not even a possibility? Is the water too deep (economics) or incompatible with Disney ( land use). Any reader care to leave a comment?

It appears that some islands will only be good for incinerators, waste disposal, wind farms and resort housing. Some locations have previously been studied. For instance, the waters south of Cheung Chau was studied as a location for building a breakwater with construction waste ( to protect the harbour from typhoon waves from the south), the area near Lung Kwu Chau for a future container terminal. Obviously, instead of just consulting on one island for incinerators, the Farm owner wants to throw out many locations as a wider issue.

Clearly, the government is trying to give the public an impression that they are considering all possibilities to increase the supply of land. But public consultation, studies, design and construction take time. It will take at least several years before any land can be formed.

However, time and tide wait for no man (and women, to be politically correct).