D&G and HKG

The D&G incident could be a warning for further possible collective action in the territory.

Apparently, HK people are now very nervous about not being able to fully enjoy or use the facilities around them which they have used to:

Shops are for mainlanders.

Hospital wards are for mainlanders.

Flats are for mainlanders.

For the first time, they feel that they are discriminated even locally as HongKongers.

For reasons cited in “This City is Dying”, we have not made much progress in the last 14.5 years whereas Mainland has forged ahead in leaps and bounds, at least economically.

Government is to be blamed for the slow action in response to the changes brought about through  integration with the Mainland economy, one of the results we can see is a local retail industry mainly driven by Mainland visitors.

Politicians are quick to find faults, not solutions. Politicians are to be blamed because they have diverted much of  Government’s efforts into defending their own actions.

Citizens are to be blamed because, somewhat out of our control and comprehension, we have allowed the above two parties to drag on while missing out many growth opportunities.

In any case, we don’t want the present situation to develop into collective bullying as this will work against us; adding one more reason to why This City is Dying!