Life Calculation

I didn’t know that you can estimate how long you will live by answering some questions on the internet.

I was curious and surfed on the web for Life Calculation. The questions they asked range from physical data, medical condition, diet habit, exercise habit, reaction to stress etc.

After responding to the question and at the press of a button, lo and behold, a number comes up which is the age you are expected to go to heaven.

I suppose you can test the sensitivity of the result by giving different answers to the questions and see what numbers they come up with. How amazing!

However, this number opened a Pandora box.

I pondered for a moment what this number mean to me. Would I actually live to that age? Is it accurate? If it is accurate, should I change my  life style now? Should I be more active? Should I laze around just a little longer? Should I spend my money quicker or slower? Should I change my relationship with others now?

Is it better not to know about this so that you can treat each day as your last day ( re Steve Jobs) so that you live fully every moment of your life ?. . . . . . . . . . . . . .food for thought as we enter into (the year of ) the Dragon.