26 comments on “The Joy (and Jokes) of Retirement

  1. Thanks for your comment. Most retireee would have some financial planning prior to retirement. However, there is also an inner psychological journey which each retiree would travel, from the time he plans his retirement to the time he / she actually retires. It would be much better if we are mentally and pyschologically prepared for this once-in-a -lifetime transition. I wish I had more preparation for this transition.

  2. I think you should have retired 1-2 years earlier ,instead of being a pain in the neck to your boss.
    When a person retires, he should treasure the no. of days he is expected to live(very frightening when you relate it to no. of days) , rather than count the no. of years.

  3. The truth was that I have been too accomodating; as such, I have never been a pain to anybody.
    We still may have around 10,000 days to go, if we are lucky!

    • Quite true. I think the frightening part is if you live on $500 / day, then you need $5million.
      This is not a high estimate if it also includes the cost of housing and inflation.

  4. Thank you for the ‘like’ on Views From My World🙂 Happily, your like led me to your blog, which I like very much…you have a new follower!

  5. I take my retirement one breath at a time and try to not worry about tomorrow…My new found hoby of photography has given me a new lease on life…sorta speak. Thanks for your pics and your words. Mud

  6. So you have been blogging a year now. It’s good to know your portfolio is still relatively young. I look forward to many more visits back here. Today is the first time I’ve really relaxed and started getting acquainted with it. You have a tremendous following! Understandably so. It’s like a vacation.

  7. I look forward to the day when I fully retire, or more likely move on to a new endeavor. I am still working part time at the same company. I can feel the time you quote approaching, most likely in 6 to 18 months from now, if my boss doesn’t get tired of me first. I will never have enough money, so it doesn’t matter. My wife’s lingering illness and her passing away used our retirement savings, as it should be.

    • Part time work could be a good transition to full retirement. People are living longer and longer and the medical bill becomes higher and higher. Sorry to learn about your wife. Hope you enjoy your full retirement when it comes. Thank you🙂

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