7 comments on “Three Gorges (三峽) – A Brief Friendship

  1. At least, your friend, Mr. Au had a good life(sight-seeing etc)before his surrender. Life is so precious and short and not all the money in the world can extend it.

  2. Absoultely agree. There may be things which money can buy; but defintely not time nor life. So, we should treasure every moment of it.

  3. I was just reading about this place yesterday. It does seem like a marvelous engineering feat, but it is also quite scary.
    Your photographs are amazing. The sunset picture is simply wonderful

    • Hi, it was indeed quite an engineering feat attracting a lot of controversies especially on the ecological and displacement of residents / historical buildings aspects. It was the first time I used my Fuji camera, I must admit I didn’t quite know how to get the best out of it at the time. Glad tat you like the photos! Michael

    • Hi Rommel, I would have liked to include more photos of the beautiful gorges into the post, but it was vey foggy when I was there and that has prevented me from taking many photos. Regards, Michael

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