The Wolf Has It

My gut feeling is that the Wolf will be elected CE in the election! The writings are on the wall.

This is only a logical deduction.

If both the Pig and the Wolf are acceptable to Mainland (which they have already indicated), why don’t they chose one who has more support from the public? This is on the assumption that the Mainland will have influence on the votes; I am sure that they do.

Despite the recent (slight) decline in popularity, the Wolf is still a lot ahead of the Pig. The premier have yesterday indicated that the CE should have majority local support.

This fourth term of the CE will be a tough term. No matter who wins, he will have an uphill battle. The recent integrity scandals have shown  clearly that the Pig was not able to communicate clearly and manage the damage; whereas the Wolf was tactful enough to steer, at least temporary, away from the problem; although he has yet to answer his case.If the Pig cannot defuse scandals relating to illegal structure or unfaithful affairs, there is no hope that he can defuse the more serious social and political issues.

There is also the problem of this City being  ungovernable. The Wolf has demonstrated he has better skills in manoeuvring around; better management and political skills. We do need a strong leader; the Wolf seems to have that quality. The main worry is whether he will be doing the right things rather than doing things right.

The recent airing by Ms Fan and Gordon suggested that they may have changed their support from the Pig to the Wolf. I guess this has been orchestrated from the North, gradually leaking their change in support and see how this City reacts. What is more interesting is that the Wolf even indicated that the Pig could be considered for a position in his cabinet.

We are only about 10 days away from the election; it will soon be clear whether the Pig will be slaughtered and even roasted.

So be ready to dance with the Wolf for the next 5 years, that is,  if he can maintain that long!