16 comments on “Chasing the Sunset at Langkawi

  1. Hello – thank you for your like on my post “Perspective is Reality; Choose Wisely”. This section of your blog on retirement is wonderful! It’s just appearing on my radar … about 10 years away and I am enjoying reading your perspective; not to mention the photos of this sunset are stunning.
    Best regards!

    • Thanks very much for perusing this section of the blog which is less visited by readers. There are many perspectives on retirement, with 10 years away, I am sure you will choose wisely. Regards, Michael

    • Hi Johanna, I am also a babyboomer. Hope I will have the chance to read your novella. Thanks for the comment and the “like” on the post. Regards, Michael

    • Glad to hear that you also chase sunsets. The colors of the sunsets could be quite different depending on the latitude. Even in the same place, it could be different on a different day. How wonderful! Regards, Michael

    • Not only colors. The manner in which it sets. For instance, the sun over Lake MI tends to fall slowly, and then appears to me to sizzle into the lake. Whereas in PEI, when watching from the cliffs, the sun falls and then kind “Plops” into the ocean. That and the colors give sunsets personality for me. Indeed wonderful!

    • Hi Traci, I think Langakwi is one of the most lovely places to visit in Malyaia. I’m glad that my post has brought back some fond memories! Michael

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