17 comments on “In Search of Avatar – Zhangjiajie (張家界)

  1. I must admit that I like sun more than mist too. Different combination of sun, mist and snow with other factors usually make vacation more interesting. Sun with sand and sea, mist with mystical mountains, snow with Christmas etc.

  2. We have just spent 12 days exploring this area. We have so far visited 21 countrys around the world but this area is by far the most magnificent, astounding and fascinating place we have ever seen. Twelve days was grossly an inadequate. Avoid travel from July to August 30 as this is a high tourism time. It is also very humid. Expect the temp to be 35 deg. and humidity 70%. Spring and Autumn are ideal times.

    • We have revisited the area as a result of UNESCO including the lake into their list last June; we were wondering why this inclusion came so late in the day. Thanks for your valuable information to the readers!

  3. Thank you for directing me to this post Michael. It’s how I imagine it was at the beginning of time but instead of tourists, there was weird creatures roaming around. I was curious as to how you travelled to this area? Sounds like you were on an organized tour. I did bring up Goggle Maps, looks a long ways from Hong Kong and Goggle can’t calculate distance.

    • It would be most mystical if dinosaurs were around the area. Yes, we were on an oganized tour; the place is quite accessible but it was more convenient to be on a tour. Regards, Michael

  4. Michael, great photos in very difficult lighting condition! I know that it is a great challenge to take good photos in misty conditions, everyone can take fantastic pictures during sunset but the framing of your photos are quite good!

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