10 comments on “The Greener Side of Hong Kong – the Path Less Travelled

  1. Glad it remains an unspoilt location. In 1975 we climbed Hung Ta Leng (Robin’s Nest) to the north to gaze into China which was beyond the ‘closed area’ of the border. It was a very remote and lovely part of Hong Kong. At that time, it was not possible for foreigners to visit China as tourists.

    • The photos were taken near Sha Tau Kok, close to the border. Only recently, the Sha Tau Kok border area is opened to the public. We are anxious to pay it a visit.
      On the bottom most photo, if you are cautious, you will see outline of tall buildings on the left hand side. These buildings are on the China (Mainland) side. What happened in the last 15 years is that there are many infrastructure and buildings developemnt on the Shenzhen side and not much development on the Hong Kong side. . . . . . . . many HK projects have not gone ahead because of environmental pressures and the HKSAR Government is no longer in a development mode.

    • Hi Denise, usually tourists will not have sufficient time to visit the New Territories or the Outlying Islands of Hong Kong which could be attractive and delightful. Thanks for your kind comments! Michael

    • Hi brissiemaz, many tourists just focus on the city / urban areas of HK and may not have time to cover the rural areas. For some of them, while on the Victoria Peak, they don’t know that that a pleasant trail is nearby (if interested, you may like to visit my post: A Stroll Round Victoria Peak, HK). I am indeed flattered by your comment on my English; I think my English is only functional. Many thanks for the perusal and the kind comment! Michael

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