23 comments on “The Exotic Istanbul

    • It is a bliss to be retired. Think every working people should plan for their retirement as soon as practicable. I am also writing on Retirement in my blog based on my own experiene. While I have completely settled down, I did find the psychological journey from work into retirement not as easy as I would have thought. Best wishes,

    • Hi Michael,

      I think I can understand this. It is a big change, and as such the psychological adjustment is definitely expected. I think starting a blog is a good way to cope with that!🙂

  1. Gorgeous photography, Michael! This post has made me even more excited (if that’s possible) about my upcoming trip to Turkey. Thank you!🙂

  2. Michael, thanks for liking my Turkey travel post today. And I love your posts on your visit to Istanbul; it appears that we enjoyed many of the same sites in Istanbul, and for many of the same reasons, such as the architectural features of the Hagia Sophia. Seeing your photo of the Blue Mosque makes we wich we’d gone the extra mile to see it.

    I think you’re doing an exceptional job with both your writing and especially with your photography. Each and every photo is carefully framed and artistically captivating. I’m anxious to sit down and review ALL of your travel posts. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Hi Glen, Turkey is a fascinating place and I would love to take more photos and spend more time there. All photos in Turkey were taken by an inexpensive new camera which has a problem of not able to see any images in the screen under direct sunlight ( and there is no view finder). Good to know that we enjoyed the same sites and thank you for your kind comments! I am also catching up on reading your interesting posts. Regards, Michael

  3. I was delighted to read your posts on Turkey, as it is one of my favorite places. We also loved sitting in the peaceful gardens in Istanbul and visiting Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. What wonderful colors and architecture for photography. If you go again, try to see the amazing underground Basilica Cistern (near Hagia Sophia) supported by hundreds of columns taken from earlier fallen cities. I have written several posts about Turkey for my blog, with many more to come. I hope you will get a chance to read them and see the photos, especially of the Basilica Cistern. It is quite amazing.

    • Hi, I like very much sitting in the peaceful palace garden and watching the Bosphorus. Thanks for your suggestion. We have visited Basilica Cistern in Istanbul and also other places in Turkey but short of writing the associated posts. Thanks for your comments! Regards, Michael

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  5. Exquisite post and pictures.l enjoyed my visit to Turkey because l speak Turkish l learned Turkish from my parents the were born in Northern Turkey then they immigrated to Iraq..Regards.jalal

    • Hi Jalal, didn’t know you were initially from Turkey. I like the place very much . . . the fusion between East and West. Thank you🙂

  6. Reblogged this on closetoeighty and commented:
    Turkey is a neighbor of Ukraine and Russia, the two countries I lived in.
    I read about Turkey and Istanbul a lot, but I was not there.
    I am glad to share with you this wonderful post by Michael Lai.

  7. Well, Michael, I am heading toward the Mediterranean on a cruise in a few weeks, so I just had to check to see what you had posted about the places I will visit. I am most excited about Istanbul because I have never been there. My husband traveled there one time when I couldn’t go, and he told me of the beauty of the city. And now your photographs have enticed me more. I will post some of my own after the trip.

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