Trakai – The Fairy Tale Castle in Lithuania

It was our first trip to the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. At Lithuania, we stumbled across this sleepy small town of Trakai, which is surrounded by lake Galve. This castle has a stunning setting. Originally built in the 14th century, it looks like it came out from a fairy tale.

We have seen castles located romantically on some Scottish islands but this red colored castle with round towers surrounded by tranquil lakes against a clear blue sky was the most picturesque that we have ever seen.We walked across a timber footbridge which connects the castle to the shore and entered into the castle.

From the outside, it’s a conventional castle of red brick, with watch towers and walls and a keep and everything. In the inner fortress there’s a courtyard with wooden walkways all along the inside and it’s now a national museum.

While my wife was engrossed with all the historical displays in the castle, I sneaked out to take a walk around the island, knowing that the sun would be setting in a short time.

There are two things which I have always liked watching; yachts and castles. Here at Trakai, the two just came together, in a delightful and picturesque manner.

I walked around the island; couldn’t help admiring at the scene as they entered my very eyes. It was just breath-taking. The sky was blue, the water turquoise , a yacht with yellow sail gliding past in front of a neo Renaissance building.

I knew I couldn’t stay too long loitering around, leaving my wife in the castle. So I hurried back to the castle.

Under the light from the setting sun, it was a very pretty and very interesting castle and stepping inside, it was very warm and cosy . . . . . . . . . . . not knowing what time it was , my wife was still engrossed with the historical displays!

6 thoughts on “Trakai – The Fairy Tale Castle in Lithuania

  1. I was here when I was a kid. Well, I had no idea where this castle was and had almost forgotten being there at all. But seeing your pictures I suddenly remembered everything. I like the pictures and they sure did awaken my memories of Lithuania!

    • Hi Malene, I am so glad that you have rediscovered your childhood memories. I presume the Trakai Castle must have been a very beautiful fairyland castle to you at the time. Thanks for liking the post and following the blog! Regards, Michael

  2. Hi Michael, when l used to study in Vienna l visited many European counties but you have visited more.Its an amazing world out there to discover..Each post of yours is unique.jalal

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