14 comments on “Tojinbo’s Sad Cliffs (東尋坊), Japan

  1. Some of these look similar to the rocky coasts of Oregon, Michael, but have to admit that top image looks a bit scary – as if the people might soon fall in because the slabs of rock are about to break. By the way, thanks for liking an earlier post of mine, “Ski day today”; that Colorado trip was good for my soul. Take care!

    • Hi Laurie, to walk along the rock cliff was quite an experience. I am glad that you have taken the Colorado trip, we need a break every now and then. Thank you for the comment🙂

  2. Very interesting and beautiful photography!!!! It is quite interesting how the Japanese have always had a propensity for suicide often due to dishonor, or lack of resources, ending elder life so the more youthful can carry on. Thank you!!!!

    • The proportion of elderly people is building up quickly in many developed countries. It is sad to see that we cannot direct more resources to these aged folks. Thank you🙂

  3. Reblogged this on E'n'M and commented:
    “………… Frustrated at having pulled so many bodies out of the sea, a retired police officer Yukio Shige, started his one man crusade patrolling the cliffs for potential jumpers. He convinced hundreds of people from jumping and taking their lives.”

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