Langkawi – Tanjung Rhu Beach, Malaysia

This 1.5 km long Tanjung Rhu beach in Langkawi is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia and, indeed, may be one of the best in the world. It is fringed by silvery sands, lush forests, pristine waters and overlooking some dreamy islands.

Situated at the northernmost tip of the island, part of it is a  private beach, offering an ideal spot for a secluded getaway. Some tourists travelled to Langkawi are not aware of such a beach as part of the beach is now guarded. The guards for a contemplated Dubai island type development turn outside people away from  visiting this lovely beach; denying them to the public.

Understand from the locals that “Tanjung” means cape and “Rhu” means casuarina. Apart from coconut trees, the beach is dotted with casuarina trees.  The beach is therefore sometimes also called Casuarina Beach. Those willowy trees whisper the call of a tropical breeze that speaks tenderly to those out on the beach.

It is the tranquility of this beach that calls upon travelers to splurge in natural beauty and calm surroundings. One may also stumble upon some really nice corals on the shoreline. It is also a great place for snorkeling.

While there, I couldn’t help remembering a poem ” A Tropical Paradise” by David Harris.

I wonder how many times we sit at our desk and look out the window on a sunny day, wishing we were on a tropical beach lazing in the sun under a coconut tree watching the sparkling waters as they race up the sandy beach.

Having a lazy day with the sand and sea, enjoying Mother Nature’s beautiful bounty.

 A dream maybe, but a dream to help us through any storms that may weather our lives, giving us hope for tomorrow and the sunny day that might bring.

We look at the blue sky and the odd white fluffy clouds that shape into many things, helped along with warm comforting winds.

Our mind is full of images that build our favourite dreams as we while away a few minutes oblivious to everything.

Daydreaming our fondest dreams before reality kicks in and the opalescent workload on our desk appears once again to take us away from our tropical paradise and implant us back in our reality.
27 February 2009

David Harris
I know I am blessed as I don’t have to go to work anymore. At this moment, all that I care  and enjoy are the coconut and the casaurina trees, the white sands, the sea breeze and the soft murmuring sounds of the gentle waves.