42 comments on “Annecy Medieval Town, France

  1. Oh, you make me want to get on a plane! Such great colours, wonderful angles and a truly spectacular place. I love the richness you’ve captured….

    • Hi Vicky,
      Yes, it was the richness of the colors that attracted me. Would like to be back some other time.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the post.

    • This trip to Annecy has prompted me visiting other old villages in France; they are so delightful!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the post!

  2. Hi, Michael, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your pictures of this ancient town. I was in France a few years ago, we did a barge tour of the Burgundy area – it was gorgeous, but not as much as this. I would love to go back and experience more of this beautiful place. I live in the USA, in central west Florida, and while I love our beaches and beautiful areas of America, we just don’t have anyplace that compares with the ancient beauty of Europe. Your photography is very good, and I am impressed with your command of the English language. And it sounds like you are making very good use of your retirement. It’s a different life – I retired several years ago, keep busy with volunteer activities and photography, and love it. I can’t image what it would be like to stop learning (I am 76 years old and am now learning how to play the dulcimer). I envy your freedom to travel in all these different places. Since I can’t do that, I thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.

    • Hi Trish, thanks for liking the blog. I am glad that you are still so active at your age. . . . it is an inspiration to me. Your photos of the beaches and surroundings of central wets Florida are just beautiful! So far, I am enjoying my retirement and hope to travel more. Regards, Michael

    • Hi, I like your post on the Favourite Walk in Kyoto. We really open our eyes and mind when we travel into other cultures. Regards, Michael

  3. Simply stunning. I have added it to my travel list. Strictly for blogging purposes of course! :)
    With two blogs, perhaps it will serve me well to report on the area and the poems that come from the views.

  4. Have been in Annecy … a couple of time .. in the 70th., Very pretty .. town, but I can’t recall all the colors that you have captured here. Fantastic job. It make me want to go back.

    • Yes, I used to travel with my family. I thought I took better photos when I travel alone when I was young. Happy New Year of the Snake to you and your family!

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