Sunset on Budapest

To say the truth, I was not terribly impressed when I first reached the bank of the Danube overviewing Budapest. Maybe my expectations were raised too high through viewing too many great images of Budapest prior to my arrival. In my heart I quickly ranked Budapest after Prague, thinking it was a fair assessment.

My heart changed on the second day in Budapest when we cruised back on a ferry from the medieval town of Szentendre along the Danube. The sun was setting and the sight by the river was just lovely. . . . . . can’t help falling in love with Budapest from that moment on.

The setting sun illuminated many of the landscapes, castles, domes, buildings and bridges giving them a romantic touch. The sun’s illumination on the bridge has accentuated its warmth. . . . . . . . .the Parliament house was also at its greatest beauty when viewed 3D from the river.

The Buda side has always looked more picturesque than the Pest side.  With the sun setting, the silhouettes of the buildings against the sky were more attractive than the view under direct sunlight. The water in the river was shimmering with a tint of gold.

The waters of the Danube offered an array of moods while the sun imparts its last rays of light onto  Budapest giving it a warm feel before dusk finally sets in.

As we alight the ferry, we couldn’t help admiring at the sight of the Chain Bridge before us. A couple was sitting on the bank gazing at the wonderful sight. . . . . .time just stood still.

25 thoughts on “Sunset on Budapest

    • I like the photos on your blog re Budapest. I also agree that Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I will have further postings on Budapest. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  1. Hi Michael…I just found your blog and appreciate your efforts greatly. I could not do what you are doing. I wish one day to get to Budapest. I have been looking at cruises from Bucharest to Budapest and vice -versa. Your blog post has stimulated me. Your pics are lovely. Thanks for everything. Martin.

    • The crusies on the Danube or Rhine are known to be evry enjoyable. Hope you will be able to visit the nearby countries. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. What beautiful photos of Budapest. My husband lived there years ago and we took the boys there a few years back. It is so pretty! Glad you enjoyed it! Happy Travels.

  3. Beautiful town from what I’ve seen in pictures… it is not far from here and I keep postponing the visit…. leaving it for some later days… Michael you took wonderful pics of the place. Congratulations!

    • Budapest is not that type of city which you will love at first sight; you will love it when you spend time and know more about it. Hope you will be able to visit it in the future. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I loved Budapest when I visited 4 years back. Like you, I found it less obviously stunning than Prague but fell in love with the city after sunset. My hotel room looked out over the Danube almost directly opposite the parliament building. Eating at the restaurant next to the Chain Bridge after dark was memorable.

  5. I have a big smile reading your Hungary blogs. I was there in 2011 and had a great time. thanks for transporting me back. Sailing along Danube at night viewing illuminated bridges and the parliament was such a sight!

    • The night cruise usually have dinners and were quite costly. We enjoyed our cruise on the Danube while coming back from Sentendre. Regards, Michael

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