33 comments on “Croatia – Split or No Split ?

  1. I loved seeing Split during that festival. When I was there it was freezing cold and felt pretty abandoned, nice to know that incredible palace gets to host some parties!
    (If you want to encounter more memory of the civil wars there, head to Sarajevo or Mostar in Bosnia.)

    • Understand that the festival last for a couple of weeks but 7 May is the high point. We were really fortunate to be there at the right time. The concerts that night were televised. We did pass through Bosnia on the way to Dubrovnik. Thanks very much for commenting! Regards, Michael

  2. I have always wanted to go to Croatia although I never really knew much about it but after seeing your photos I’m pretty sure I would like it🙂 hopefully one day I can get there, thanks for sharing!

    • It is a pleasure for sharing those photos. Stay tuned for more about Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik. Hope that you will be able to make it to Croatia one day. Thanks for commenting! Regards, Michael

  3. I visited Dubrovnik long before the wars, and always wanted to see more of Croatia. Wonderful to be there at a time of celebration and that last photo is alive for me. Looking forward to Hvar. Did you manage Korcula too?

    • Hi Joe, we were fortunate to be at Split during the festival. We didn’t manage Korcula. Hvar is very delightful; we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Regards, Michael

    • Hi, Thanks for the nomination. I have decided not to pursue or receive any nomination during my retirement. As such, I have already turned down several nominations. Knowing that my posts are read throughout many parts of the world is already my biggest reward. With regret, I have to decline the nomination. I thank you for visiting my blog and the kind and supportive comments. Regards, Michael

    • Glad you like the last photo. The blue color was from the lights of the concerts. Thanks for following my blog! Regards, Michael

    • Hi, Croatia, in partcular both Hvar and Split could be quite hot by now. Maybe, this is a blessing in disguise, you may want to go at an other time during Autumn or Spring. Regards, Michael

  4. I visited Split once very briefly when I was deployed to Bosnia. Secritary of Transportation Brown had just parished in a plane crash and I was part of the air crew that flew the army generals down for a conferance. Despite the unfortunate reason I was down there for those two days I still found it beautiful.

    • Hi Bill, I have never seen a harbor as clam or sea as blue as in Split. It is realy a beautiful place although many tourists just stop by as a transporatation hub. You must be preoccupied in your previous trip but still found it beautiful. Thanks for visiting my site! Michael

  5. Croatia is on my wish list to visit. Thanks for all your articles and beautiful photos, including the Plitvice Lakes National Park. I might ask you more questions later. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes, Anita, we enjoyed our stay very much as it was a festive time in Split. We were glad to have done that. Thank you for the kind comment🙂

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