29 comments on “Split – Gazing Out to the Sea

  1. Just wonderful as usual Michael. I share your love to be by the water. After living at a lake for 25 years, we’ve recently relocated to the city. The city has it’s merits at this point of our journey but I really miss looking out at the water. This destination is gorgeous!

    • It is a blessing to be able to live near to the sea, lake or river. Many people view Split as a transportation hub where people get on to the other islands from there. As you said, it is a gorgeous destination. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Regards, Michael

  2. I would strongly recommend that you make a trip to Bosnia (Sarajevo, Mostar …). It is secret gem – and very unexpectedly beautiful & dramatic & charming at the same time! My friends loved it

    • I am hearing more and more about the beauty of Bosnia (actually we passed through the coastal part of Bosnia in this trip and were awed by the mariculture). I will include it in my wish list. Thanks for the suggestion and kind comment! Regards, Michael

  3. I love that you quoted Masefield! You hardly ever see that anywhere these days. That’s one of my father’s favorite poems. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – I can sense a kindred spirit when it comes to loving the ocean – I grew up on an island – I look forward to seeing more of your blog!

  4. This is very nicely written and presented Michael… I would even say in a romantic, idealised way🙂. When we travel we firt we life coming to places, having a smell and taste of them and most of the time we leave taking only the freshest impressions and remain oblivious to the daily grim they can bring… I don’t mean to sound pessimistic about your posts, I, myself am too romantic about “my travel destinations”, it’s just that it is a “different” Split than the one I would post, if I felt a need to😉. I hope you will receive my comment in the spirit it has been written without any mean intention, just as a need to share with you my views. Thank you.

    • Hi Paula, many thanks for your candid comment. I am sure you have read deep into my post, rather than just skimming through my photos as I suppose some of my readers do. I think writings in a way reflect our inner feelings. When I write ( which I am not good at), feelings do get in my way. I think even with the same set of photos, I would present it in a different manner, given another time. I am sure, given your experience with Croatia and your inner moods, you would present it differently too. I don’t pretend that, in fact, my understanding of Croatia, or for that matter, Split is very superficial. In any case, I very much appreciate your comments which are truly from the heart. Regards, Michael

    • Thank you. First of all I appreciate your seeing me as honest🙂, secondly Michael, I don’t consider myself as an athority, but I have a BA in literature, and I am sure I am capable of recognising if someone is good at writing or not… and you are not only proficient in English, but your writing style is neat and clear and straight-forward which, in addition to your way-above average quality photos, is a reason for my coming here time and time again. Bless you Michael. We’ll keep in touch.

    • Hi Paula, I also love your writing style and your photos. For this reason, I am following your blog. Wish you success in your endeavours, Michael

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