Hvar Town- Day and Night

Our hotel in Hvar overlooked the harbour. From the hotel we could see the Spanish Fortress perched on the top of the hill. Looking through the window, we were fascinated with the view of the town with its orange roof buildings, the blue sea, the white limestone block paving, the palm trees and the ever changing pattern of the yachts swaying inside the harbor. Where I am based, I always like climbing up to the Peak and have a magnificent view of Hong Kong foreshore and the Victoria Harbor, both during day time  and night time. At Hvar , both the day and night views are just enchanting. 

When night fell, I was tempted to take some night shots of the lovely view with the harbor lights. Without a tripod, all I could do was to hold my breath and support the camera off somewhere firm. Back home, I was able to match some of the day and night photos.   

Deep in the night, the walls of the castle was illuminated and there were still some people walking on the seaside promenade.

In the afternoon, the boats have returned to the harbor. The view of the harbor with the houses and buildings as a backdrop was just unforgetful. On the left, the biggest building with a triangular roof is the Arsenal which,  was the oldest municipal theater built in 1612.

By night time, all houses including those studded up on the hills, were lit up and their reflections from the sea were just enchanting.

We were never tired of watching yachts coming into the harbor and the very blue Adriatic sea. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

With the light sea breeze blowing and the street almost deserted, we had a pleasant walk in the main square toward the hotel, thinking how lucky we were to have another very enjoyable day.

The shop window was so attractive that we couldn’t help stopping by to have a good look. There were so many souvenirs that looked very appealing.

No matter day or night, we have found Hvar to be very cosy, full of life and pleasant people; not a lot more you can ask from an island. . . . . . . . .

48 thoughts on “Hvar Town- Day and Night

    • I guess that’s a difficult one to follow! If you like fortresses (or palaces even) I would definitely recommend visiting Alhambra in southern Spain (Granada). Breathtakingly beautiful (just like your pictures!) 🙂

    • Thank you for your suggestion. Have been to Southern Spain including Alhambra many years ago and memories of it are fading. Revisitng this part of the world is definitvely on my list. Regards, Michael

    • The Sardinia on your photos also look interesting. Croatia is indeed one of the more interesting countries which I enjoyed very much. Regards, Michael

  1. Thank goodness for your steady hand with the camera, these night shots are magical. I especially love the one of the last few people walking the promenade, with the castle walls “floating” above them.

  2. Your pictures and story are beautiful. I can’t wait until I get off work to take some more time to explore your site. Thanks for visiting mine. You have done a great job with yours.

  3. Good idea to have day and night shots of the same scene. That second night shot is electric with atmosphere. I love it!
    Would so like to visit Hvar. Why “Spanish” castle do you suppose?

    • Hi Jo, I thought the second photo was a bit dark and have thought of not including the photo. Glad that you like the atmosphere. The castle was designed and built by Spanish engineers at the time. Regards, Michael

  4. I can hardly fathom the age of The Arsenal. 1612, that is just astonishing. I think “what history have you seen and who has past by your entrance?…very cool. Loved those night shots, I have trouble with those.

    • Standing there for 400 years and still in use is really amazing! Where I am based, we have demolished a building in Central only 15 years after consruction so that it would be re-developed to be a higher high rise!

    • Excessive consumerism will be our downfall, of this I am sure. Sadly, like all great civilizaitons before us, we will learn this lesson too late. You have the right idea Michael, your travel posts are wonderful. Carpe diem.

  5. Michael, your pictures are incredible. This is a site I would recommend to teachers who want to let their students explore the world. Stunning with a touch of etherial. Again, I am honored that you visited my site. Come again.

  6. That looks absolutely incredible. Croatia is definitely making its way to the top of my ‘must-see’ list! Thankyou for sharing your travel adventures so beautifully and allow us to live vicariously. 🙂


    • Hi May, Croatia is defintely the “in” place to visit. Where I am based, I am seeing more Chinese books and travelogues on Croatia coming up and I understand there are also more direct long haul flights to Zagreb. Regards, Michael

  7. Heading to Croatia soon. While Hvar was not on the itinerary – I am wondering if I can squeeze it in. Your photos are amazing….I could easily relax into the place and enjoy the life that they live! Love it.

    • Hi Anita, travelling by boats ( catamaran from Split to Hvar and car ferry from Hvar to mainland near Dubrovnik) helped us to save time so that we can visit more places. Thanks for following the blog and for your kind comments! Michael

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