Hvar – A Stroll in the Town

In our several days in Hvar, we made many strolls in the town. Even on the second day, we feel very comfortable being there as if this is a very familiar place. However, that doesn’t mean that we did  not discover anything new every day.  We were never disappointed by Hvar town’s beauty and the warmth of its inhabitants. The walks through the old town have always been a joy.

We strolled leisurely in the town square, while passing by this fashion shop my eyes were attracted to the honey colored stone wall, the lantern and the parked bicycle. These all conveyed a very relaxing feeling; that’s what holidays are about.

Never thought of window shopping in Hvar town square. But the shop windows here are so attractive that I couldn’t help enjoying it. Then came this shop with red flowers, red dress, green benches with green window frames against the honey colored stone walls.

Then we passed by the Town Loža (Loggia) and Clock Tower on the main square. This  is the only remains of the former Governor’s Palace and one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture on the island. The Loggia was  reconstructed in fine Renaissance style after the former loggia was damaged by  the Turks in 1571.

Different shops seemed to have their own color theme. This shop which sold T shirt, mainly of blue and white color, has a white barrel with blue wheels in front of the shop.

We walked along the waterfront past Carpe Diem and follow the path into a small bay, which is home to the Francisan monastery. The  monastery was built in 15th century as a sanctuary for sailors.

The monastery is probably the most peaceful spot on Hvar Town’s crowded waterfront. Both the stone carving atop the entrance and the arches inside the monastery  stunned us.

Walking back to the town square, the sun was beginning to set. The reflections off the shop windows offered spectacular views of the harbor and the yachts.

Approaching dinner time, we walked up this narrow alley to the restaurant. I was most impressed by the flower hanging off the walls and the lights.

We didn’t end up buying anything, but we did get inspired by what we saw in the shop windows. We were glad to have another peaceful day doing nothing much but seeing a lot in the Hvar town. . . . . . . . . .

39 thoughts on “Hvar – A Stroll in the Town

    • Hi Chris, Havr town is small enough so that you can have a better feel of the character of the place and its residents. I like writing about the people and the public realms rather than just on the architecture. Regards, Michael

  1. Such beautiful place! I am ready to pack my bags! I would love to travel and see all of these beautiful places I read about, why I love blogging so much, I get to see things I will probably never see in real life. Thank you for the amazing photos! I saw you stopped by my blog! How did you find us? I should join some of these challenges, might help me keep a more regular blogging schedule!
    Thanks for stopping by! Please tell your friends about us and follow us on Facebook (TwoTailswithMattandAli) and Twitter (@TwoTailsMattAli)!
    – Ali

    • Hi, came across your blog while reading the blogs under WordPress. Glad that you like the photos. Will tell friends about your blog. Regards, Michael

    • Many of the faremrs and fishermen are moving from agricutural and fishing into the tourisim and service sectors. I think they must be experiencing substantial changes with their lives. Regards, Michael

  2. I appreciate your visit to my wee blog…I am also a retiree…while you are seeing such marvelous sites, I’m mostly exploring the interior world and that of my garden. Isn’t life amazing? It is a story to be written for all of us! Again…thank you. Your photographs are heavenly.

  3. Great post & images. I enjoyed my virtual stroll around Hvar, and your eye & details are very much trained to the things my eyes would be if I was there myself 🙂

    • Hi Ella, I guess with globalization, indepenent of your culture and location, people look at things in a similar fashion and maybe because of this, we enjoy the same details and angle/ composition of the photos. Regards, Michael

  4. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog (a little while ago now)! I read your “about” page before looking at your individual posts and I have to say not only is your English excellent, you write very well. This is such a lovely and evocative post. 🙂 I visited Split two years ago but we didn’t have time to go to any of the islands. I will be there again in a couple of weeks and I look forward to visiting Hvar this time, especially after your lovely description and photos.

    • Hi Bron, sometimes I still find myself struggling with my English. The Hvar town is small but has a variety of interesting features that make people feel comfortable and relaxed. It must be quite hot by now. My advice would be to bring along short sleeve tee shirts and shorts. When I was there in May, it was so hot and sunny that I have to buy some short sleeve Tee shirts. Hope you will enjoy your trip. Regards, Michael

  5. This is gorgeous – it conveys that lovely, relaxed sense of being on holiday before thoughts like: “Maybe we could live here … ?” arise … 🙂

    • P.S But you live in Hong Kong which we LoVe! You are so lucky! We had such fun there on our way over to live in Britain – seven years ago!

    • HK is indeed a lovely place, but being here for so many years will render you becoming less sensitive to your home place. Travelling helps me to realize how fortunate I am, with my own life and the place I live in. Regards, Michael

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