79 comments on “The Challenge of Walking the Dubrovnik Walls

  1. Your great photos made me feel warm just to look at them. It’s been such a wet summer in Ireland! It also brought back fond memories of my own visit to Croatia – island hopping a year ago.

    • It was hot and dry when we visited Croatia a couple of months ago; Ireland is high up on my list of travelling, I hope to be there when it is not too cold nor too wet. Thanks for your kind comment! Regards, Michael

  2. Hi Michael, a great post with some lovely photographs…I too walked the walls of Dubrovnic many many years ago, before the war (early eighties I guess), I remember it being a stunning place full of beauty and a long history. Thank you for bringing back those faded memories.



  3. Once again, simply stunning. I’m in awe of both the magnificent architecture and your 80 year old FIL. What a hero. I golfed today in the heat and I thought I was suffering. I should take a lesson from him.

    • Hi, it’s great to learn that you golf. With global warming, it seems hot everywhere, we are experiencing 33+ degrees. Thanks again for your encouraging comment! Michael

  4. I walked the walls of Dubrovnik many years ago with my husband during our honeymoon and have wonderful memories – seeing your photos and reading your words reinforces my desire to return.

  5. What a delightful place, and you have captured it well. Hearty applause for FIL, I hope he got a lot of satisfaction from that great achievement.

    • Hi Madoqua, as you said my FIL has got a lot of satisfaction out of this trip and I am glad he has done it. Many thanks for your perusal of various posts! Michael.

  6. another fabulous post Michael! So true about our attitudes to difficulties, which are so often perceived rather than real too. As for the Sunday Times, given your photos, it is possible they are a little biased! No disrespect intended to Edinburgh🙂

    • Yes, you are right. Sometimes we even enlarge the problem. I would like to have a walk in that part of Scotland to see whether it is even better. Thanks very much for the comment! Michael

  7. Wonderful post – was in Dubrovnik before the war – very popular with us Swedes for years and I’m glad that it’s picking up again. Have Irish friends that went there for their honey moon 8 years ago and I could see then that it beauty is still intact. A truly beautiful old town … your photo gives it justice.

    • We had good weather but it was a bit too hot (mind you, I am coming from a sub-tropical climate) and lots of sunshine. If I were to visit it again, I would rather prefer Spring or Autumn. Thanks for your comment! Michael

  8. My one single greatest regret is that I never made it to Dubrovnik when I traveled Europe in college. I had it in my mind that I was a Serb and therefore decided to detest all things Croat (I was young and stupid then–now I am no longer young). What a mistake. I am determined to make it there someday and your excellent piece has served to strengthen my resolve….

    • Like it or not, globilization has now sets in. People of different country now shares a lot in common. Apart from visa requirements, it is now almost a borderless world. Glad that you like my post and thank you for your candid comment! Michael

  9. Such amazing photos, very well taken and truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us.🙂

  10. Wonderful photos and commentary. I have been to Dubrovnik, but now I want to return to walk the walls and to see the breathtaking scenery from their viewpoint. You have brought it to life. Thank you. Blessings from Lizzie Joy

    • Hi Ioanna, I particularly like the seaward section of the wall and hope to post about it in the future. Many thanks for perusing the artcle! Regards, Michael

  11. Your photos of the wall are lovely, captured many of the views from a different viewpoint – Great! You should congratulate your father-in-law, as he did walk a grand total of 1080 steps on the wall. Please may I make one small correction, you entered the old town via the ‘Pile’ (pee-leh) gate. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Dubrovniklady, thanks for pointing out the incorrectness of the name of the gate; this is now corrected. While typing, I think I was thinking of Plitvice which I love so much. Also, I didn’t know the grand total of 1080 steps, my information was taken from the internet. Obviously, as a local, your information is more accurate. Thanks very much for the encouraging comment! Regards,

    • Your comments were wonderful and I am pleased you enjoyed your visit here. Please do return, there are many more hidden gems to explore.

    • There are parts of Croatia which I haven’t visited this time, will combine this with other nearby countries in another visit. Regards, Michael

  12. Michael, thanks for liking my post. These are great photos of such beautiful scenery! I’m also amazed at how great of shape your FIL seems to be in.

    • Hi abradbury, actually, my FIL swims everyday during the summer but is hesistant to walk up and (espcially) down which is understandable. You have a great blog and I will be back. Regards, Michael

  13. Lovely photos… Hope it is not TOO hot (assuming you are still there now?) – just spoke with a friend in Athens who said it is 46 Celsius and all his balcony plants are dying… but I guess you’re a bit further north….

    • Hi Lane, we are no longer there. It was up beyond 30 celsius when we were there. Maybe due to global warming, the weather is becoming more extreme and hot making some of the summer months no longer attractive for travelling. Thanks for the encouraging comment! Michael

  14. Hi Michael🙂 You gave me goosebumps with this post🙂. I don’t know if you remember, but I grew up in Dubrovnik and the first 4 years of my life I spent a lot of time just below Minceta😀 and then took that little bridge almost every day of my life there🙂. This is a very informed post (you did your homework), a bit of clarification maybe .. The old Ragusa Republic was never in war with anybody and nobody was a real threat😉 cause they were very clever and diplomatic in preserving their territory, At some point it was more powerful than the Republic of Venice too… and we lasted for centuries until the arrival of Napoleon .. but I am sure your guide told you all that🙂

    • Hi Paula, I remember you talked about spending part of your childhood in Dubrovnik; hope this post brings back some fond memories. I didn’t know about the part on Regusa Republic that it has never been at war etc; thanks very much for the information. We didn’t buy any travel books or have any guides on the trip; we have taken this trip quite casually and just took things as they come up. The information in my post is mostly researched from internet, I am glad that you are able to come up with more detailed information. Thanks for your excellent comment! Regards, Michael

    • You are welcome Michael, I should be the one to say “thanks”. I see in your post a lot of fondness of my country… and you managed to make me like it more😉

  15. Reblogged this on closetoeighty and commented:
    This is a period of great holidays! I went through several Michael’s posts and received great pleasure doing so. Finally I chose this post to reblog as I believe that you will take it as I did (as a very good holiday gift from Michael Lai). Thank you, Michael! Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Hajara, I also have a post on “Challenge of Travelling”, about my FIL overcoming his fears in travelling – it was one of the posts with many Likes, you may wish to read it as well. I am using a Fuji X100. Thank you🙂

    • Fantastic! Will read that! Well done you! You make retirement look very attractive- with interesting activity and growth! Thanks for the camera name, I use my iPhone but after seeing your photos, I think it’ll be great to upgrade to a proper camera.

  16. Michael, what a wonderful blog and gorgeous pictures. I am 57 years old and going on my dream vacation to Croatia in May 2014. I am not in the best of shape and frankly, I am terrified of heights, so reading about your FIL making it up (and down) all of those steep stairs in Dubrovnik, plus seeing that some of the stairs have handrails have allayed some of my fears, even though I’m still nervous, but if your FIL can do it, so can I. (I’m also going to Hvar) Thank you so much for this info and your kindness to your FIL. Hope I’m with people who are just as kind.

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