54 comments on “Dubrovnik – From a Distance

    • The sunset photo would look better without the cables from the cable car. I also have a slanted version of this photo, missing out the cables. Regards, Michael

    • Thanks for your kind comment. As the Chinese saying goes: Travel a thousand miles is preferred to reading a thousand books ( or blogs, in the contemporary version).

    • Hi, thanks for the nomination. I have decided not to go for or accept any nomination / awards in my retirement and for this reason I have already turned down several similar nominations. Knowing that readers from all corners of the earth are reading my posts is already my biggest reward. Thanks again, Michael

    • Hi, Dubrovnik is one of my reasons for travelling to Croatia despite the fact that it takes a bit of travelling to get there as it is towards the southern tip of Croatia. Thanks for your comment! Michael

  1. Thank you for liking my post “Full Surrender to the Will of God”. I really enjoyed looking around on your blog. Some really wonderful pictures. It almost feels like I was there with you.

  2. I’m going to Dubrovnik for my honeymoon in about a month’s time and am glad to see that your “real” photos correlate with the ones in travel brochures. Looks like it won’t disappoint!

    • Hi Matt, I hope to write more about Dubrovnik. It is a fantastic place to visit, I am sure you won’t be disappointed when you see the real thing! Michael

  3. Wow…I have visited Dubrovnik but I didn’t even think about heading to the mountains to see the view. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing and now I can’t wait to go back

    • We got a good deal for booking roasted lamb dinner and transport to / from the hotel and the restaurant up on the hill. On our way up the hill, we stopped by the road and took some of the photos; the view was breathtaking. The ancient town has a compressed feeling which I would like to post about it later. Thanks very much for the comment! Regards, Michael

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