51 comments on “Dubrovnik after Dark

  1. Beautiful night time photos. The buildings seem so majestic and magical, Your photography is excellent. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Hi Michael, Croatia continues to impress me. The awnings in the alley creating a long canopy for dining is so lovely. Also the way they light the city at night, so romantic.

    • I must say the swimming pools in Croatia hotels are quite good. The one in Hvar town has even got sea water in the pools, with a lot of flotation!

  3. Wow, that was really a beautiful night! Beautifully creepy! I’m sure you know what I mean. => Very good photos. I hope to experience a night like that in my lifetime. =>

    • Hi, night time is a different world in Dubrovnik; glad you like the photos. I’m sure you will be able to have similar experience in the future. Regards, Michael

    • Hi, only on this trip that I have seriously tried taking some night shots. Once you started with them, it is difficult not to do it on other trips! Thanks for the kind comments, Michael

  4. Hi Michael .. thanks for liking my blog and i am so thankful that i found your blog .. Firts time i heard about this place .. Beautiful capturing pictures .. so nice to sit and relax on that resto. So great trip.

    – Pinaybyaheras ;D

    • While the restaurant areas were still busy after dark, the walk from the city gate down to the main square was lovely and safe. I really enjoyed the walk. Regards, Michael

  5. Enchanting place! We have never been there, but this entices me to put it on our travel list. Thanks for stopping by our blog today for a “like”. You have a beautiful blog here, with marvelous photos. Take care!


    • But that restaurant is usually so crowded with people; it is definitely great towards the end of the afternoon when there is less people with a soft breeze blowing on shore. Thanks for the comment!

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