81 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far (2)

    • I was told the image could have been even more surreal as the Three Gorges dam has now been built raising up water levels; otherwise, the hills will exhibit a deeper V than now. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  1. I’m truly convince it is either you have the good fortune to be at the most scenic spot in the world, or your photography skill is in the tallest order I have seen (which I have no doubt about it) or a very, impressively good camera or a combination of all qualities I have mentioned. This photography blew me away!

    p/s: not sure if I’ll ever achieve this effect with the same make of your camera… I wonder.

    • Hi JoV, we knew the Three Gorges section of the YangTze has beautiful views but we also knew that views are not as good when they put the gigantic dam across the river bringing up the river levels otherwise the photos could be more dramatic. The cost of my camera is less than the cost of a good zoom lens of a good brand, also, my camera cannot zoom and, for this photo, I thought I have used the wrong aperture. I took about 7 or 8 similar views as the sun was setting and the picture I show is the best of the lot. I agree, as you said, a good photo depends on a combination of factors. Many thanks for the comment! Michael

    • Hi pommepal, I am fortunate to be able to travel to those places. Thanks very much for your comments which you sent me since I started blogging. Safe travels & regards, Michael

    • Hi Paula, my friend has recommended his book New York Triology to me some years ago. To be honest, I have never read his work. Your review is my first brush with Paul Auster. From your review, I could see that his writing is quite interesting and I may start reading now I have the time. Regards, Michael

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