20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life (3)

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  2. indeed…the stretch is beautiful…and the fact that such a serene place lies in the midst of New York’s mayhem, makes it even more surreal. thanks for a beautiful scene 🙂

    • Hi Raunak, this is the place I used to go after a long flight trying to adjust my body clock before going into meetings. In the picture. there is a street side performer playing the saxophone as well, that was really relaxing. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  3. Love city parks …. especially in big cities … like NYC, London, Chicago … Barcelona … always a must from me when visit any city. The world can’t be much greener than this.
    Even if Norway claims they are the greenest country in the world – with 53 shades of green. Ireland has only 52 – wonder if it’s an Norwegian that has done the counting. *smile

  4. What a beautiful oasis. I can’t imagine living in New York without this beautiful park. It’s a stark contrast to what most would be living around. I guess you’d get used to all the concrete, glass, traffic and asphalt and maybe most enjoy that, but I’ll take the tree’s any ol’ day.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda, as a city boy, I am used to concrete, traffic etc. The Park provided me a refuge when I travelled to NYC for meetings. Walking in the Park helped me adjusting to a 12 hour jet lag. Regards, Michael

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