66 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary (1)

    • Hi Brian, this is in Langkawi, Malaysia. This is one of the photos in my earlier post “Chasing the Sunset At Langkawi”. I am intrigued that whereas my previous post has only attracted 19 “likes” in 6 months. This photo has attracted 43 “likes” in 8 hours. Thanks for the comment! Michael

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    • Hi JoV, Langkawi is a place which we keep visiting again and again as there are so many lovely places and so relaxing. I didn’ know it is your home country! Michael

    • It is indeed my home country. It will be my retirement destination. 😉 I was born in the state of Kedah (although I grew up in PJ, around KL), it is also the state where Langkawi sits.

    • With the “my second home” scheme and good medical facilities, Malaysia is a good choice for retirement; although I am not sure whether properties in Langkawi are allowed to be owned by foreigners. Thanks for the comment! Michael

    • I believe all properties are open to foreign ownership. It wouldn’t hurt to enquire about it! Food price are fairly cheap there.

  2. Hi Michael – I was missing your beautiful posts in my reader and decided to check directly on your site. When I did I realized you had been posting all along! Something had dropped me off from “follow”. Now happily back!

    • Hi tiny lessons blog, welcome back! I likely reading your blog too, as you say, it is multi-faceted. Like you, I have been a director (for 18 years) and found transitioning into retirement not that easy, at least initially. Travelling, photographing and writing now become my favourite way of using my time.
      Thank you for persusing my blog and the kind comment! Michael


  4. Hi Michael

    What a beautiful photograph. It would be perfect for a soulsnet post. Would it be alright for me to use it? I will of course link back and credit you.

    We have just returned from a few days in North Devon UK and I took my camera with me. Since I started blogging I have become really enthusiastic about looking for pictures for the blog. An unexpected consequence but very welcome for all that.


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