Lake Geneva at Morges, Switzerland

Spring has already set in when we arrived the small but charming town of Morges in Switzerland.  This is where the Tulip festival is held each year to celebrate the return of spring. Apart from this, we didn’t know much about Morges, only that Audrey Hepburn (remember “Moon River” and singer Andy Williams who passed away yesterday?) was buried somewhere near this town.

It was early May, although we were a bit late for the first bloom of the tulips still there were a lot of flowers in the garden beside Lake Geneva.

Once alighted from the car, we couldn’t wait to have a walk in the flowered garden. Next to the Lake Geneva, the garden also has wide, green expanses of lawn and beautiful, stately trees.

Although the tulip exhibition has just finished, it was a lovely walk around the garden. Flowers were everywhere. Apart from tulips, Morges is known for its irises  and in summer, the dahlia brightens up the shore in Morges.

There are great paths to walk  along and flowerbeds to add colour, beauty and atmosphere to it all – benches to  sit and relax under the trees in the shade or out in the sun. There are signs on the lakeside promenade which shows that you can walk all the way to Lausanne.

We wandered along, strolling by the foreshore of the lake. It was a joy walking the lakeside promenade, watching the yachts.

Morges is a typical lakeside town opposite majestic Mont-Blanc.  From here we have a good view of the lake and the mountains from afar.

The marina is the best place to see yachts lying at their berths. The setting was just so breathtaking!

It was peaceful sitting on the benches on the lakeside promenade and viewing the marina.

The foreshore was so well manicured with all the trimmings!

After the stroll in the garden and the lakeside promenade, we took a look at the town center. It was a surprise to find the  cobbled, pedestrian-only main street was lined with shops, bakeries, fountains, and benches. It is also the venue of lively markets.

As with many things in Switzerland, the surrounding give you a sense of serene and tranquility. My first impressions of Switzerland were more related to chocolates,  raclette, fondue, cuckoo clocks, bank accounts. After this visit, I am thinking of Switzerland more in terms of lake, yachts, flowers, mountains, beautiful sceneries and tranquility.

64 thoughts on “Lake Geneva at Morges, Switzerland

  1. You forgot to mention Raclette and Fondue 😉 I must have cheese Raclette for dinner at least once when going to Switzerland.
    Haven’t been to Geneva in quite a while, but it is a pretty city. And there are many nice and old fashioned little hotels and B&B’s where one can spend a night or more and enjoy the lake and the views. Have a lovely Day, Michael 🙂

    • Hi happyface313, Have tried Raclette and Fondue while in Switzerland and have them photographed. I am not a foodie and therfore tend to neglect food in my blog. My post is amended to include them. Thanks for the useful comment! Michael

    • No worries, Michael, I was just mentioning it 😉 I love sweets (chocolate, yummie), but when I go to Switzerland – most of the time to the Geneva car show – I MUST have Raclette. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S !!! Have a lovely weekend!!! 🙂

    • Hi a gracious life, the tulips are not that abundant and I don’t think you can pick them from the gardens. I like the many colors that have got on their tulips. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  2. Great photo’s of the gardens and lake. We were lucky to spend a number of days in Switzerland in 2008. You’d be hardpressed to take a bad photo, every where you point the camera is stunning. We didn’t get to visit here though, so I’m so happy to see it.

    • Hi boomdeeadda, in the days of manual cameras, we always took not too many photos to minimize the cost of films and processing but now with digital cameras we could take as many as we like. Given this, I still hold off taking photos if I knew that it wouldn’t come out a good photo. There are so many areas in Switzerland that is lovley. Would plan to revisit it again! Michael

  3. There’s something about the tulip that always makes me smile. I don’t think I could ever be sad living in Switzerland. I’d skip everywhere and sing, and everyone would think I was crazy.

  4. Didn’t realise Andy Williams had died – was just listening to him singing “Happy Heart” when reading your blog entry. How much of a coincidence is that?!…oh…great pic, as ever!

    • Hi budge4ward, I learned some of my English from listening to the songs of Andy Williams when I was young. I read more about him from Wikipedia and other sources today. He really was a great artist! Thanks for the comment! Michael

  5. Switzerland is are beautiful country – but I’m not found of it .. for other reasons. Your photos are good as always – and give a true stunningly beautiful of Switzerland. My pick is the second last photo. They have also very good wines.

    • No history in the world can excuse ignorance. They think they are the best in the world *smile – have worked with Swiss people and I have a hard time their attitude – but maybe it’s because they have been living abroad. They have beautiful wines and a stunning country.

    • Hi Viveka, I have no dealings with the Swiss people so do not really understand them as a people. Certainly they are blessed with a beautiful country and a high living standard when many people in the world are living below the poverty line and in an unsatisfactory condition. Regards, Michael

    • So true, Michael …. so unfair – but rich and filthy rich we have everywhere – and still there is more people that have nothing or nearly nothing.

    • Hi Viveka, this is a subject which I would like to find out more, the latest I can gather is the following. . . (And in a recent keynote address to an OECD policy forum on income inequality, Richard Freeman, professor of economics at Harvard University, noted that “the triumph of globalization and market capitalism has improved living standards for billions while concentrating billions among the few. It has lowered inequality worldwide but raised inequality within most countries). I think it depends on the country. Regards, Michael

    • Michael, the rich countries should write of everything that poor countries owe them – so long as the money doesn’t goes to a war. Then I think every country has their own poverty – and we have to start with charity at home. In our country I will say that it’s a big portion of the pensioners are not having it that great – it’s a small portion, but still we have it – where people live on the minimum. In overall Sweden is one of the strongest economy inside EU, but it doesn’t mean it’s wonderful and perfect.

    • Hi Russel, I included the last picture so that readers would not think this is a totally dreamy paradise. The town square is certanly a contrast. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  6. Those tulips look stunning! I have never been to Switzerland, but it is on my list…I think even the cityscape in the last picture looks beautiful, love the buildings and the cobbled pathways.

    • Hi Ali, I have not seen tulips in so many colors and I thought they are stunning too. The last picture brings people back from a dreamy flower scene to reality. Glad that you also like this last picture. Thanks for the comment! Michael

    • Hi Laurie, love your blog,will be back visiting. From my posts,it can be gathered I like lakes, waterways, gardens,
      sea, beaches, sunset, sunrise,yachts, nature, flowers, tranquiltiy etc. There are just so many things to be enjoyed. Thanks for the kind comment! Michael

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