72 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary (4)

  1. The imposing tall buildings and the cute little black cat… it’s a beautiful photo and a great idea for the challenge! I’d say that the black cat can also mean our superstitions and how the tall houses which symbolises modernisation have gone past it – we are less superstitious nowadays!

    • Hi evilnymphstuff, I was disappointed this morning to find that a new Weekly Photo Challenge has not been issued so I got my photos out and submit another one for last week’s challenge. As you pointed out, the photo depicted quite a contrast between the tall buildings and this small lonely black cat and I love the composition. Thanks for the comment! Michael

    • Hi Gunta, thank you for the comment; this is now corrected. We visited Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in this trip but I got things mixed up between the last two countries. They were quite similar I must say. Regards, Michael

    • Thanks…. I have the advantage of having been born in Latvia, so this little bit of trivia came easily for me! Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Baltics.

    • You have been sharp in picking this up. I hastily submitted this post beofore leaving home. I had a category for Lithuania but not for Latvia, so I quickly but wrongly classified it. I am glad that you pointed this out. The weather in Estonia was not good when we were there; but we thoroughly enjoyed Latvia and Lithuania. I should be writing some posts on these two countries. Regards, Michael

  2. There is a country in the neighborhood of Latvia that is more solitary than solitary itself- Finland ๐Ÿ™‚
    With a population of only around 5 million, there were so many times I found myself alone…really alone! I could have never imagined that having been brought up in a country of more than a billion people, I would someday be looking up at heaven and asking God to show me more people! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As always, great pic Michael!

    • Hi Raunak, I would love to visit Finland but this requires quite a bit of travelling from where I am based. Hope someday I will be there to actually feel the solitary. Regards, Michael

    • Hi tripodtrippin, I have taken the pictures with and without the cat. You are so right, the cat makes the picture a lot more interesting. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  3. This is a great scroll-down pic… starts off all bright, and when you scroll down it gets darker until there’s a black cat. Love that viewing something on screen can actually change the feeling of photography, y’know? If I looked at this on a wall I wouldn’t get that effect.

    • I have to make the picture big so that readers can see the small cat with its head turning back. I then realized that it may be too big for the screen. As what you say, rolling down makes it even more interesting! Thanks for your comment, Kate!

  4. Hi Michael,

    I love this photo because it has a cat and is such a beautiful setting. And even though the cat isn’t a calico, the whole photo has oranges, black, and white, so I reposted it on my Catty Callie (cattycallie.wordpress.com) blog and called it “a calico photo.” I provided the link back to both your original post and your blog.



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