77 comments on “The Last Days of Autumn in West Lake, China

    • I don’t think my photos will be up to their standard but nevertheless will give a first impression to readers outside China. Thank you!

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  2. This is a nice photo collage. The water is so still and peaceful; like glass. I like the vibrant colours and unique forms in the buildings and walls and bridges. Great photos.

  3. What beautiful pictures! Your pictures are magical, and I love the colors, especially all the purple in pictures 3, 4, 9, and 10. Pictures 3, 4 and 11 are really stunning.

  4. Hi Michael

    Another lovely trip and, as ever, beautiful photographs. Now I’m getting more technical as a budding photographer, I am interested to know why some of these photographs are so “blue”. Is it the light, is the water blue, do you use a special technique???

    Warm regards

    • Hi Corrine, the sky was haysy , gloomy with a bit of rain , this was reflect in the waters. On some pictures, I have increased the saturation of some of the images (not changing the colors) to make the leaves a bit more green than appearing too dull, this has the effect of increasing the “blue”. Thanks very much for the comment! Michael

  5. What a wonderful day. Walking is excercise almost everyone can manage, if only at their own pace. How beautiful to walk West Lake with these views. I do love that, in many of your destinations, they don’t clutter up the scenery with corporate ad’s and billboards. You can hardly drive anywhere’s in North America with out being bumbarded by marketing.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda, given the size of the lake, we took several days to walk all its four sides including digressions to boat trips visting the islands. You are right, there was not much advertising on the marinal strips of the lake. Bike trips are also possible. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  6. That’s interesting, Michael. Beginner that I am, I tend to think if the sun’s not shining the photos won’t come out. It’s gloomy and grey here today so I would have left my camera at home. So much to learn!!

    Warm regards

    • Hi Corrine, if there is not enough light you can increase your camera’s aperture (small f number) or increase the shutter speed or both so that more light can get into the camera. I am still a learner. Have just read a book which shows pictures taken with small aperture but long exposure ( several seconds or above) moments before sunrise or even after sunset to get fantastic pictures! Of course, in this case, you need a tripod. Regards, Michael

  7. I was on a boat ride in west lake but because I am on an organised tour didn’t get the luxury to walk around the lake. It’s beautiful.

    • We took time this trip to explore all four sides of the lake. Need to spend more time to discover the beauty of the place but the boat ride of the organized tour is the best hightlight they can offer. Regards, Michael

  8. Oh, how I love Chinese gardens. I’ve only seen one or two, in America, but maybe someday I’ll get to see the real thing, in person. Until then, there are pictures – thanks you.

  9. Hi Michael

    Thanks for that. There are all sorts of symbols on the wheel of my camera and I have no idea what they mean. I’ve lost the instruction book so shall go on line and find out. Have a feeling one of them must be something to do with apertures.


    • Hope you will manage with that. With digital photos , you can take many with different settings to see how they come out. Regards, Michael

    • Instead of the classical dongpourou, we have a variation which consists of thinner slices of pork and serve on a hot pot. The classical one is tasty but a bit fatty! Michael

  10. If I ever return to China, Hangzhou and Suzhou are high on my list. I lived a few hours up the Yangtze, but I never got the chance to visit these two famous cities. Thanks for sharing.

    • As usual, many China cities sky seem hazy. I thought the winter photos would come up quite uninteresting. I am glad that some photos did show the real character of West Lake and XiXi. Thanks for the kind comment! Michael

  11. Beautiful photos. I would like to go there. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful area of China.

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