Autumn by the Lake in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido in Japan has so many beautiful lakes that offer breathtaking views.

One early morning in October, we woke up early, have our early breakfast, sneaked out of the hotel  and wandered along the edge of the lake not far from our hotel.

It was early Autumn. The trees were covered in multi-coloured leaves.  The early Autumn burst of color was glorious as the leaves change from green to vivid yellow, orange, purple, red, and russet.

The lake was like a mirror reflecting the sky and the coloured foliage. The water was lapping at the edge of the lake. The sound was very soothing that made me yearn for more.

Sitting by the edge of the lake I was staring out across the magical surface of the lake. The whole lake was calm and not even a breeze ruffled the grass.

The lake offered a serene and tranquil feeling that I have never felt before.

In the foreshore, the water had a deep blue hue which sent viewers into a reflective mood. The whole place was so peaceful and exhibited a certain sense of  sadness if not for the vivid colors on the trees. The tonality and colors of  the whole place just intoxicated me.

If not for the existence of a couple of  lonely yachts, the place appeared too surreal.

The scene was timeless, not wanting to leave, we sat there for hours before we finally made our move to our next destination. . . . . . . . .