Autumn by the Lake in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido in Japan has so many beautiful lakes that offer breathtaking views.

One early morning in October, we woke up early, have our early breakfast, sneaked out of the hotel  and wandered along the edge of the lake not far from our hotel.

It was early Autumn. The trees were covered in multi-coloured leaves.  The early Autumn burst of color was glorious as the leaves change from green to vivid yellow, orange, purple, red, and russet.

The lake was like a mirror reflecting the sky and the coloured foliage. The water was lapping at the edge of the lake. The sound was very soothing that made me yearn for more.

Sitting by the edge of the lake I was staring out across the magical surface of the lake. The whole lake was calm and not even a breeze ruffled the grass.

The lake offered a serene and tranquil feeling that I have never felt before.

In the foreshore, the water had a deep blue hue which sent viewers into a reflective mood. The whole place was so peaceful and exhibited a certain sense of  sadness if not for the vivid colors on the trees. The tonality and colors of  the whole place just intoxicated me.

If not for the existence of a couple of  lonely yachts, the place appeared too surreal.

The scene was timeless, not wanting to leave, we sat there for hours before we finally made our move to our next destination. . . . . . . . .

81 thoughts on “Autumn by the Lake in Hokkaido, Japan

  1. stunning, love the reflections – I always look for them in my photography too. I’ll be heading to japan in February so this blog has me excited for my upcoming trip! Beautiful shots.

  2. Your beauiful photo’s make me homesick today, homesick for where we used to live for over 25 years. You describe so perfectly the feeling of how sitting near the water can be so serene and bring peace. I always feel at home near the water, it’s been a big part of my life. Thanks for posting these Michael.

  3. Hi Michael

    Wonderful photographs of this beautiful lake. The colours and the reflections are lovely. I love water, there is something so magnetic about it isn’t there which seems to draw human beings to it. Gazing at water stills the spirit, rests the soul and I can tell that this was the effect that this place had on you.

    Warm regards

  4. Hi Michael

    How are you on this autumn morning? It is raining here in Wales, just for a change!! It seems to have been raining non-stop for weeks now. Never mind there is a break in the clouds and I have a game of golf later!

    I am doing a piece on Meditation in the next soulsnet post and I would love to share the second photograph of this series, the one of the beautiful reflections in the lake, if that would be alright. You seem to love water as much as I do and these photographs conjure up such peace and tranquillity. Perfect for a meditator.

    I hope that is ok with you. I will of course credit you and link back.

    Warm regards

    • Hi Corinne, we are now in mid-Autumn with lower humidity and temperatures back under 30 degrees so it is ideal for outings. Love Wales, have been there twice. Hope you will be able to play golf when the rain stops. It is perfectly alright to use the photo. Warm regards, Michael

  5. Thanks Michael. Temperatures under 30 degrees, lucky you. We are definitely into the colder weather. Warm clothes but golf is on. Hooray!! Will be able to get some lovely pictures of the trees on the golf course too. They are beautiful at this time of year. So watch this space.

    Warm regards

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    • Hi Corinne, thanks for referring me as “one of my favourite photographers”. I feel honoured, but in fact, I am re-learning photography in my retirement. Thanks also for refrring back! Mi9chael

  7. Hi Michael

    You really are one of my favourite photographers. You were one of the very first blogs that I discovered when I started blogging and I can still remember how gob-smacked ie amazed I was when I saw your wonderful rainbow of flowers post.

    So you see it was you who got me interested in photography in the first place. And realising that I could share a really beautiful photograph at soulsnet as well as one of my own snaps has made blogging all the more interesting and fulfilling for me!

    Warm regards

  8. These photos remind me of a lake South Island N.Z. I got up early it was still dark drove to the car park and had a long wait to sun rise but it was worth it. If your early it is tranquil, as I was heading out from my view point others were rushing in just a little late. I used a torch to follow the path in.

    • Those trips involving wakening up at very early hours and travelling when it was still dark remains forever in our minds. The trip I vividly remember is a trip up Bromo mountain in Indonesia, started travelling at 4:00pm, rode a horse across the lava plain when it was still dark and hike up to the crater before the sunrise and shivering when waiting for the sunrise. Unfortunately, I lost all images; they now exist only in my mind!

    • Some years ago, I used to shot with a small Rollie classical film camera. I shot one whole film of the water canals in ZhouZhuang but couldn’t roll the film back. In a haste, I open up the camera and the whole film was gone! Again, the images only exist in my memory.

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