48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big (2)

  1. I’ve always been very interested in Egyptian history and rarely miss any documentary about it either on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. I’ve not yet traveled there but would love to someday. Did you feel safe there? I’ve seen a program where engineers tried to replicate the raising of a giant obelisk with the materials they would have had at hand. It wasn’t easy to do, so they were definitely mathematically advanced even with their primative equipment.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda, I consider Egypt is the place one must visit in one’s life time. Honestly, I didn’t feel safe and in fact was quite frustrated ( please see my post Egypt – Photographs and Memories). The people there didn’t seem to be happy too. At one time, they were a great civilization, some of the mysteries about their clossal construction are yet to be understood. Regards, Michael

  2. Hi Michael

    Wonderful photograph of the columns in the Luxor Temple. We did a fantastic Nile cruise a couple of years ago and visited the Temple at Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Queens, etc and I was absolutely blown away by it all.

    It all looks so perfectly preserved doesn’t it? I guess it’s the climate that makes the difference. Everything gets weathered in the the UK, but Egypt, it’s like everything has been “frozen” in time.
    As you say, a definite must see.

    Warm regards

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