16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big (3)

  1. Great photo …. I think the claim is wrong – wouldn’t call that a fountain. Or what do you say ??? I need a lot of imagination to see that as fountain.

    • Michael, I wasn’t trying to get at you!!! I’m sure the Swizz sees it as a fountain too. I suppose anything can be called fountain so long as there is some water coming out of it. *smile

    • Hi Viveka, I really don’t know how to call this particular jet as it is quite powerful. I suppose the normal understanding of the word fountain would not have water so forcefully compressed and pumped up vertcally. However, I think most people know what we mean! Michael

    • Hi yepirategunn, the water was blown in one direction that day. I would have liked to take a picture of the jet dispersed by the wind but that meant I have to walk quite a bit to one side of the big lake which I didn’t have the time. Hope you like my other posts showing places which we both have been. Thanks for the kind comment! Michael

  2. I loved seen the swans on the lakes through out Europe, Lucerne Switzerland has a beautiful walking bridge to see the lake from, and all the swans and ducks. That must be one giant pump.

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