26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (4)

    • The moon was a little too high. It makes the photo a bit too long when included in the picture; but how can I miss the moon out from the picture? Thanks for the continued perusal, Rusha!

    • Hi bulldogsturf, you are quite right. The building style is even quite unique in China, if you look carefully at the roof features and color and these buildings are built on the edge of the river with some supports very close to the edge! Regards, Michael

  1. I have never been here. Seems to be an interesting place to visit . It is in Hunan, I just found out from Google. I saw some other Images of the same site. Similar ancient structure, but none as beautiful as yours. Thanks for an excellent post.

    • Hi friendlytm, I have one post Phoenix- FengHuang Ancient China City under Travel China, in case you are interested, you are welcome to peruse.
      Thanks very much for the kind comment and interest, Michael

  2. Michael,
    Thanks so much for subscribing to Webs And Threads Travels. I live in San Francisco and am a visual artist, among other things. Your blog is spectacular and I look forward to having time to read more of your posts and enjoying your wonderful photographs. My travel to Asia has been limited so I appreciate very much your photos.
    Nancy @ WebsAndThreadsTravels and WebsAndThreads.

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