43 comments on “Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route – From Foliage to Snow

  1. Michael, this is a beautiful series illustrating the diversity of the landscape! That red-leafed tree in the first photo stands out in such stunning contrast to its audience of more subdued foliage onlookers. ~ Kat

    • Hi Kat, yes, the red tree makes all the difference to the picture. Glad that you enjoyed the post and thank youfor the kind comment! Michael

  2. What spectacular scenery! Makes our mountains in North Wales look miniature ^_^ Having grown up on the Continent (Germany) it was strange to read *Alpine* in your title (normally associated with Germany, Austria, France or Italy over here) yet having seen your photos it makes perfect sense. What a great day you must have had!

    • I was also impressed by Snowdonia in Wales. I think the Japanese relate this to Alpine more for travel marketing purpose. Glad that you like the post Mrs. Boardwell! Regards, Michael

    • Huang Shan needs a lot of climbing. This one needs changing many transport modes, not a lot of walking; although the walk at the Kurobe lake and dam was just lovely. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  3. Some latitude you were on here … a landscape that goes from softness to brutal and unfriendly – still beautiful. Fantastic series of photo .. my favorite is the last one.

  4. Stunning, what a beautiful country. Were you cold at the top? When we were in Lucerne Switzerland, we took the train up to the outlook on top of Mt. Pilatus (2,132 meters or 7,000 feet) and returned via cable car to Lucerne, very beautiful and stunning views but I froze.

    • The snow was falling. The coldest part was in the Trolley Bus with a lot of glass window areas but not much heating. There wasn’t much wind, we felt pretty alright on the top, in the open, even though it was snowing. Thank you Booomdeeadda!

  5. Hi Michael,

    May I know what time did you travel there? I am going to Tateyama Kurobe on Nov 5th 2013. Will I still get the autumn foliage on lower plain of the route? (Kurobe dam, Bijodaira, Midagahara)? Or it will already completely covered by snow?


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