Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (2)

There are many cisterns in Istanbul but this is the biggest ever found.  Yerebatan Sarayi, or Sunken Palace, the cathedral-sized Cistern runs beneath the entire street and some buildings. This is an underground chamber of 138 x 64.6 metres. The large space is formed by supporting a ceiling vault and arch system  by a forest of 336 marble columns. The ceiling vaults, known as Manastır Tonozu (cloister vault), are built without using a mould. From whatever angle you view, the perspective view of the columns and ceiling arches give you a very strong geometrical feel . . . . . . . . . . . .  .. . . . .

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (2)

  1. What a gorgeous photo! I lived in Istanbul in 1992 and this was my favourite place in the whole city.
    I sometimes used to go down there just to get away from the noise and smells and hassle above ground, so I could contemplate and think peacefully, all alone. I loved the dripping water sound and the wonderful play of light and shadows that you’ve captured so beautifully in this picture.

    Did you discover the sarnic restaurant while you were in Istanbul?
    It is is another very large cistern. It doesn’t, of course, have the same atmosphere that I loved in Yerebatan, but it is a very nice restaurant and, in my opinion, not to be missed by visitors to Istanbul!

    • Yes, the place seems to be able to cut you off from the busy world at ground level. I love the atmosphere there.
      I didn’t know the Samic restaurant, otherwise would have dropped by to enjoy. Thanks for providing the information. Your posts on Sicily are very interseting, I am tempted to pay it a visit someday.Regards, Michael

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