Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (4)

The Water Cube (Beijing National Aquatics Center) is located in the Olympic Green, the focal point for the Beijing Games.  The cuboid shape of the Water Cube is a reflection of the Chinese symbol for Earth, while the adjacent elliptic form of the Birds Nest (see Photo Challenge (3)), represents Heaven.
The outer wall of the Water Cube was inspired by the natural formation of soap bubbles ( using the light, translucent but strong ETFE as the facade material). It is based on the Weaire-Phelan structure, a structure devised from the natural pattern of bubbles in soap lather. It was realised that a structure based on this unique geometry would be highly repetitive and buildable while appearing organic and random. The result is a very simple regular building form, with very complex geometry in the façade which offers stunning aesthetics effect.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (4)

  1. We so enjoyed the Olympics in Beijing, Michael. The architecture was part of the reason, but of course the sport mainly. China did a great job! How did you find the London ones? Honestly?! We loved them but it would be interesting to hear another non-British view, please?

    • I didn’t have the opportunity of enjoying the games in both places. I think the London ones were carefully planned, co-ordinated and executed. I enjoyed the opening with Danny Boyle’s Parade of Britian very much. I have friends (retirees) who worked as volunteers for the London Olympic. They were very dedicated; although they were not too happy with the fact they have to switch location very often and not knowing their own team of volunteers. All in all, I think the London one is splendid and I congratulate them on the success. Regards, Michael

    • Thanks Michael for you clear comments. I’m sorry your friends found their experience a bit frustrating. The volunteers were call the Gamesmakers here and were so appreciated by the whole nation for their commitment to service. It could be done without the likes of them!

  2. China has come a long way since I spent my time there .. in 1978-79, amazing building … wonderful shot again. Still I don’t have an urge to go back, mostly because – their violation against human rights, but I don’t have to .. when I have you in “my world” – would love to go back to Hong Kong, tomorrow – I know ! the same thing today. I’m a bit messed up *laughing.

    • Hi Viveka, there are still lots of scope for improvement in PRC, the major thing they have done in the past 30 years was to lift 3 billion people out of the poverty line. The menatlity of the Chinese leaders are sometimes difficult to understand but I think they are heading in the right direction; albeit a bit slow. Yes, you are always welcome to travel vicariously through me. Regards, Michael

    • Could see that when I was visiting Victoria, BC – no Japanese tourists – all Chinese and plenty of them. No Germans neither, but plenty Russians.

    • PRC will have to face the problem of transitioning to a more service oriented workforce, from export to internal consumption etc. I have seen many rich Russians in China, when I was in Sanya and also in Istanbul, Turkey.

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