38 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal (1)

  1. …and in my phantasy I can hear the birds chirping and the cows going “mooooooh”
    Lovely, peaceful photo, dear Michael! Everything looks so calm. – Have a lovely weekend🙂

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    • Hi Carol, I think the green is so fresh, it seems to suggest that the leaves and grass have just been renewed after the wintry season. Regards, Michael

  3. This is such beautiful photo – the greens like velvet. I wouldn’t mind spending a long weekend there, but not any longer – need neighbors.

    A Norwegian friend told me that Norway is the greenest country in the world … with 54 shades of green and Ireland with only 52. I think it’s a Norwegian that has been counting. I think you have got at least 51 shades of green in this shot.

    • Hi Viveka, how do you count the different shades of green? I think the picture is soothing to the eyes. I wish my readers can rest their eyes for a couple of minutes while gazing at the screen. Regards, Michael

    • I don’t know who the Norwegian’s counted the shades of green??? Must be digital, don’t know if they even have counted – your photo is so amazingly soft – beautiful, Michael

  4. I was amazed at how clean it was, everywhere you go in Switzerland. I got to go to a farm in the Alps. Gorgeous way to live, I could do it in a heart beat. I loved your photo!

    • You are right. The other place which is very clean is Japan; but I like the Swiss Alps more than the Japanese mountains. Thank you for your kind words!

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