99 comments on “DongYang Woodcarving-The Dying Art

  1. This is an art of which I knew nothing. The carvings are amazing, so intricate and graceful. Thank you for your explanation of their history and meaning.

  2. This is beautiful! Among the few wood carvings I am drawn to. Is it really a dying art? i suppose with how fast life is today…sigh. The world will be sorry to lose something as beautiful as this.

  3. These carvings are amazing! I know you say the photos are not at their best, but it’s a testament to the artists’ skills that the beauty and grace still shine through. I’m in awe.

    • I only toke 4 pictures of the woodcarving as I realized that they were affected by the reflection from the encasement glass cabinet. Thinking about it now, I should have taken more.

  4. Thank you for the great post. I’m looking forward to an afternoon trawling the internet to learn more about DongYang carving.

  5. I’m so glad you decided to share the photos and Legend of White Snake. I enlarged the first photo to see the detail. It’s absolutely magical, beyond mortal words really. I especially love their attire, the way it folds on the body. I think It would be hard to walk away, there’s so much to admire, it’s leaves you breathless.

    • The Chinese art is sometimes full of details; an example of that is to write tiny words on a grain of rice (whch can only be seen with a microscope)! The pictures as you say are just magical. Thanks for the coment Boomdeeadda!

    • Hi Rusha, China is hosting more and more arts exhibition overseas; hope you will be able to see some of their arts in your place. Regards, Michael

    • Hi Ferdinand, this is a story we came to know about when we were kids. There are books, movies, operas etc on the White Snake. Very interesting folklore! Michael

  6. I may as well just get in this long line and add another “WOW” to the list. The images are spectacular!

    Re: one comment above, Michael, I somewhat disagree that China needs to become a service-oriented industry. There’s plenty of discussion in the US about us (sorry for the play on letters) having gone completely to service. Many of us are disgusted that we don’t make things anymore. It’s really rather sad. It would be ideal if we swapped some things around. (We can agree to disagree, right?).

    • I suspect nobody wants to go into service industry and abandon making things. Usually, you are pushed to abandon those industries because other people are able to manufacture them at lower costs. This happened to HK many years ago when we have light industries; but we were pushed out. It is good that the US still have many high end technology which many countries do not have. Service industry is a hard way out. Many thanks for the comment Laurie!

  7. I love the detail in the carvings, and the texture of the wood just makes it all the more remarkable. I am a fan of traditional Chinese stories and your re-telling along with the photos were just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your (retired) world with us!

  8. My O level art project was wood craving…though I did not pass with flying colours..but I enjoyed the process of the craving…thanks for sharing~ Cheers!!😀

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