73 comments on “Travel Theme: Mystical

    • Up on the mountains, the weather changes quite quickly and the mist sometime gets very thick too. I also like the atmosphere of the second photo. Thank you!

  1. I would definitely call your gorgeous photo’s mystical. Don’t know if you saw James Cameron’s block buster movie Avatar, but this beautiful destination may have inspired him.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda, have seen the film. You are right, it was the scene in this place that inspired Avatar. You may also like to preuse my earlier post under Travel China – In Search of Avatar. Thank you, Michael

  2. Last photo is great. Why is it that mist makes us thing of mystical? Do we feel the same during sunrise? I guess mystical evokes the unknown, and the sun makes us see too well?

  3. Gorgeous photos – they are really filled with mystic … my favorite is the last one.
    Where the rock stands out … so clear in the mist. That is one of my top favorite from you camera.

    • Actually, all the images are interesting. They fit the theme well too. Does the 3rd one happen to be a favorite of yours? It is funny though, how people react to photos. Sometimes you get a response that you didn’t expect.

    • I think they are good as a set. I want readers to see in more detail what they see in the dark environment in photo 2. 3rd photo shows the details rather than the landscape. I think it is less interesting and have considered using it for the Weekly Photo Challenge on Silhouette. Thanks for the response!

      PS Is the photo your childhood photo? This photo reminds me of a photo taken of my sister when she was small.

    • Yes, it is. I was about 18 months old at the time. It was taken by my mother. As with most of my childhood photos, I am making a ridiculous face🙂

      Your photos do work as a set as well. I think the 3rd one would have worked for the Silhouette challenge as well. It is interesting how some photos are flexible that way.

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