31 comments on “Travel Theme: Liquid

    • Another place where I have seen such clear water is the Plitvice lakes in Croatia ( covered in my previous post). Thanks for your continued perusal!

  1. Michael, quite often I follow your blog and “like” it. I sometimes even comment. However, I am confused when I see that you “like” my blog about 15 seconds after it’s been published, since it’s quite unusual to read more than 1000 words in that amount of time. The “like” is nice to get, but really only if one bothers to really like it.

    • Hi Rachel, as many of the blogs I am following are photography blogs, determining whether I like a photo in about 15 seconds is usally sufficent. Unfortunately, sometimes I have carried this habit into viewing post with images and text. I must admit this is not sufficient even though I have learnt speed reading. There are instances I reversed my opinion and I have to click “unlike” after reading the whole text. Your posts are usually of a good quality and certainly deserves a closer perusal. Thanks for the candid comment! Michael

  2. Your beautiful photo is tempered by the reality that we are looking at a future where countries may be invading other countries for this precious commodity. National Geographic printed a very interesting graph (September 2012 issue p. 28) showing Agriculture accounts for 92% of humanity’s water footprint on earth. The raising of beef uses more than twice as much as the next closest item (sheep/goat). Roots, cereals, vegetables using the least. Makes me feel even better about my personal food choices.

    • Yes, for this reason alone, we should be eating less meat. For me, two out of seven dinners in a week are vegetarian only. We should also see how we can improve our technology in recycling water. Thanks for the comment!

  3. You’re right – water is both precious and beautiful (as you show so well in this stunning image). I’m currently based in Southern California, and as a native of the UK miss everything that the rain gives us there, especially how amazing it is to walk past a waterfall hidden in the woods.

    • It is relativiely dry in Southern California, I can understand you feelings, having lived in the UK for a year. I have other photos taken while walking past waterfalls hidden in the woods – if interested, please see my Plitvice Lakes under Croatia travels. Regards, Michael

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