Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

Our days in West Lake, China were spent strolling around the lake, admiring at the beauty of the scenery and looking at reflections in the calm lake waters which brought so much peace to our hearts.DSCF6501

It was November, the sky was grey and this imparted a blue hue in the water. The reflections of the trees in water instilled a range of moods which sometime seemed even poetic.DSCF6488

The love of bridges took us to this part of the lake. The arch bridge looked balanced and aesthetically pleasing. It looked so calm sitting on the water, casting a perfect image.DSCF6352

There were many willows along the banks of the lake. The reflections from the lake seemed to show even the smallest leaves.DSCF6424

At this time of the year, there was basically an absence of bright colors, the bright colors on this tree gave a strong contrast to the otherwise dull background . . . . . . . . . .  . .  .

51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

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  3. Hi Michael

    Wonderful photographs, beautiful reflections. As you say, almost poetic. Water is like that isn’t it? I always find being near water touches something spiritual inside and reflections on the water seem to be a trigger for reflections of our own. That’s how it works for me anyway. I love these.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Corinne, to me water, as you said, is something which touches something inside. It helps me to reflect and renews me. Thanks very much and regards, Michael

    • I love that photo too; I was considering to put it as the first picture; I think I should have done that. Thank you for your continued perusal and blessings! Michael

    • The first two pictures have got a blue hue which readers may not readily accept but they were pictures as taken that day. I also like the last two as being more natural and soft as you said. Regards, Michael

  4. By coincidence, I lived at a lake community for 25 years called Westlake Beach (one word). Your beautiful lake looks like it couldn’t possibly hold even one more cup of water. I love how the willow trees hang over the waters edge and drape gracefully for a stunning reflection. Do you know if these lake levels are normal. Unfortunately, the lakes in Alberta have suffered through a numbers of years of drought, we might be on an upswing this winter though.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda, to say the truth, I am not sure whether this is the normal level of the West Lake as this is part of the whole river regime which is highly regulated. I suppose this is such an important lake that the local authorities would keep up the water level so as to make it look pleasing.
      The weather we have is undoutdely changing, we have the wettest Novemeber in many years. The rainfall is 60% up when compared with last November! Regards, Michael

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