84 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. Hi Michael, the colours in your photos this week are magical. The little orange fish in the first photo are clownfish and Nemo, in the animated flim “Finding Nemo” is a clownfish. They can be found amongst the coral of the Great Barrier Reef.

  2. Three whale sharks together like that! Wow! I went all the way to Belize to try and see them and didn’t manage to. I guess I’ll have to go to Okinawa. Great post, thank you.

  3. Fantastic aquarium. I noticed the silhouettes of people being so small in comparison and said ‘WOW’. We went snorkelling in Maui last year and got to see so many beautiful fish. I loved floating along with them in the same direction as the tide ebbed and flowed. It’s so serene watching life underwater. We didn’t see the amazing coral colours though that you’ve captured here. Beautiful.

    • Hi Barbara, the sea is just fascinating. I have retired for about 1.5 years now. Apart from the travels contained in my earlier posts, many of the travels are undertaken the the last several years. I have been travelling outside HK for three times this year. Regards, Michael

  4. Didn’t even know you could get such great shots with glass between the camera and the fish! But there’s no glare. Not even an indication that you had to adjust to get these shots! Awesome!

    • Hi Rusha, you may notice that the picture with the sharks have some faint vertcal and horizontal lighter blue lines, they are from reflections, the picture was taken at a distance from the big aquarium. The other pictures were taken very close to the glass of the smaller aquariums and less susceptible to glare. The fact that the viewing room of the aquariums were very dim helps. Thanks for the comment and the continued perusal! Michael

    • Definitely in huge numbers. They are all over the place. Some islands allow spearing them, but others have found that led to the spear fishermen taking large numbers of protected species. There are some ongoing biological control projects where the objective is to teach local species to eat the lionfish. They are not poisonous to large eels and sharks.

    • The silhouette certainly makes things interesting. From this you can also see how visitors react to the sight of the sharks and as you say, give a size perspective as well. Thanks for commenting!

  5. The lion fish … I’m very fascinated by – but he are not delicate .. he are rough, mean and tough – friends of mine has one – Spider … and he eats everything that comes in his way … *smile Great shots, so difficult to take photos into aquarium – my pick here must be the second last .. because I love the intensity in all the red and blue shades.

    • A reader has told me that lion fish multiplies quickly and kills off many other sea creatures, it looks like they are not that delicate. I like the second last picture too, should have shown more similar photos. Thank you Viveka!

    • Have taken some photos today at the day clinic .. and their fishes. They are truly delicate and cute.
      Still I love the Lion Fish – it’s a stunning looking fish, but I wouldn’t even dare to feed one.

      You photos are fantastic.

    • Many clinics in HK also have an aquarium with coral fishes and corals so waiting patients can relax while waiting for their consultation. I also enjoy looking at them. I wish I had taken more photos of the lion fish, I only got one! Cheers, Michael

    • Hi tiny lessons blog, thanks so much for the nomination. I have decided not to pursue or accept any nomination / award during my retirement and for this reason, I have already turned down all similar awards. Knowing that my blog is read in many places of the world is already my biggest reward. With regret, I have to decline the nomination. Thank you once again for the nomination which is very much appreciated! Regards, Michael

    • The picture would have lost a lot of interest if there are no silhouettes at the bottom. The sudden appearance of an interesting fish near the screen usually awed the vis1tors. Thank you Frances!

  6. Hi, Michael! Is this Churaumi Aquarium?🙂 If so, I visited this same aquarium around five years ago–my god, how time flies! It’s amazing, though. I especially loved seeing the whale sharks, and, well, sharks in general. Now I want to unearth my old photos, haha!

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