The Original Photos

On reading my last post, many of my readers are interested in converting their photos to “oil paintings” and some have even kindly suggested alternative software.

Many commented that they like the converted Oils but suggested although the Oils are nice, the original photos  may be equally or even more attractive. To my surprise, one comment suggested that the photo on Fields of Gold on the way to Lithuania in some way resembles a Van Gogh!

My blogging friend Viveka suggested that I should also show the originals. I have therefore attached them below for comparison purposes. The photos are in the same order as presented in my last post.

By the Seaside on Hvar harbor, Croatia.DSCF0515

Waterfall in Plitvice Lake, Croatia.DSCF0363

Trees by the seaside in Hvar Island, Croatia.DSCF0610

Fields of Gold on the way to Lithuania, Baltic region.DSC_0265

At a restaurant in Budapest.DSCF0257

Rocks on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.DSC_0560

Hope you enjoy perusing the photos!

41 thoughts on “The Original Photos

  1. I think both versions are equally beautiful. I also think it’s good to open our minds to new ideas and new ways of doing things. That’s what creativity is all about, isn’t it. I love experimenting and you have provided me with even more ideas to work with. Thank you, Michael. Have a wonderful Christmastime. Peace and Joy.

    • Hi Mjollnir, you are the first one to say so and I think you are right. The conversion does not increase the artistic quality of the picture, it makes them a bit fuzzy so they look more like Oils. Thanks for the comment! Michael

  2. Michael, what great and educational posts, your last two posts. I do agree with some other bloggers that your photos are just perfect as they are. The conversion from original to oil does convey very different feelings to the viewers. For example, I thought the original photo of the Thai Beach rocks give me a feeling of serenity and a wide horizon, but the oil painting can appeal to those who are reminded of their fun times at the beaches when they were young. Thanks for sharing, again! Have a blessed holiday season! Simple Cherishes.

    • Hi simplecherishes, I think the photos appeal to our visual senses whereas the Oils give us an impression and bring us back memories. Thanks very much for the comment! Merry Christmas!

  3. Michael, wonderful shots … and I must say that I prefer them like this .. I’m not a paintings person – I have only big photos on my walls, because they tell a story and they come from real life.
    I hope you had a wonderful day.

    • Hi Viveka, I do agree that the photos look more “real life”. Looking at the beach photo, I am now longing to be on the beach, with the sea, sand and sun on these cold days! Michael

    • I quite like chill when it’s suppose to be cold. We had a wild snowstorm for 24 hours, but this morning all is gone – don’t know what has happen.

      Never wrong with the sand, ocean and sun.
      Where do you live ????

    • HK … one of my favorite places … the smells, the views and the buzz. I suppose you have your seasons too.
      Have only been there during March-October – quite liked the springtime .. not too humid. August was hot

    • Hi ioanna, I have a few more photos of the rocks taken on the same beach. The one posted should be the best of the lot. Thank you for the kind comment! Michael

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