Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – 2012 Best People Or Animal

As the year is coming to  a close, I have been thinking of the people and animals I have encountered during the year.

I was pondering what to submit for photos. While I like taking landscape photos,  my skills in taking photos of people and animals is lousy.

On reading Cee’s theme for this week, an image immediately comes to mind, it is a photo of a Bushmen baby in Botswana; a face which I will never forget.  The picture was taken by my sister-in-law while travelling in Bostwana earlier last month. The baby girl looks adorable, with delicate facial features and smooth skin. What seems more interesting is that she seems to have Hope in her eyes – something which seem so important to us as we lived past the “doomsday” and started a new era in the Mayan calendar.DSCF0731

(Courtesy of Jennie, my sister in law)

To me, her face is as interesting as the Afghan Girl photographed some years ago in the National Geographic. While the Afghan Girl photographed in the war torn country has piercing sea-green eyes, the baby’s beautiful eyes here connote a sense of hope and love which are badly needed in the “dark continent” as well as in many corners of the earth.

Perhaps, my best people for 2012 is not this baby, but the many volunteers in Africa who are dedicated to caring these people. I know at least one of my blog followers is working as a volunteer in Africa. To me, they are my “best  people” in 2012; whether photographed or not photographed.

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