Travel Theme: Multiples

Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack has a weekly Travel Theme.  This week it is Multiples.

My mind is still filled with “outdoors and nature” from the last post.  In nature, it won’t be difficult to find multiples as many species do exist in multiples . What about starting off with some flowers, then trees and other plants. . . . . . . .

These are the flowers found at Victoria Park, Hong Kong.DSCF6118

The tulips were in full bloom when we were in Morges, by the Geneva lake, Switzerland.DSCF0024

Some flowers from a flower show in Hong Kong.DSCF6108

A forest of bamboo in Tateyama Kurobe, Japan.DSC_0044

A line of casurina trees at the beach front of Langkawi iland, Malaysia.DSC_0062

Multiple palms on a beach in Langkawi, Malaysia.DSC_0119

More palms at a beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.DSC_0618

Several bare trees in New York City, USA.New York 2

Several trees by the side of a peaceful lake in JiuZhaiGou, China.065

Multiple trees and multiple flowers in Furano, Hokkaido, Japan.CIMG0205

A field of chrysanthemum in Xian Shan park in Beijing, China.DSCF2766

Countless numbers of lotus leaves floating on a pond in Hokkaido, Japan.038

It seems good things do not come singly. They occur in multiples. May your happiness multiply in the year 2013!

71 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Multiples

    • Hi seeker, the date for the Chinese New year is based on the Lunar Calenar, this year it is coming up on 10th February. We will celebrate it on 10th -12th February. Best wishes, Michael

  1. You’re a traveling man! The “New York USA” photo — I’m assuming you mean New York City?

    Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? There, at the foot of the capitol building, you’d find the US Botanic Gardens — . A wonderful, free place to visit and a treat for those of us who like to photograph flowers and foliage.

    • Yes, I mean NYC and have it corrected. Thanks for pointing out. I have been to Washington D.C. but didn’t know that it has such a lovely place. Best wishes for 2013!

  2. Wow, so many destinations. You really are seeing the world, that alone is amazing. The fact that you are able to document those visits so articulately is a treat for us. Thanks for posting so many of them. I especially am ‘wowed’ by the bamboo forest. I’ve never seen it grown into a full tree. We can’t grow it in our gardens in Alberta but in south-central British Columbia (9 hr drive – west of the Rockies), it does quite well, yet nothing like that.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda, bamboos can grow very rapidly in the tropical / subtropical areas. They multiply themselves very quickly; especially those of the climbing type (the clumping type is milder). They can grow under and across fences so some people don’t really like them. Thanks for being one of my top commentators!

    • Well that explains why they are making flooring out of it. Aggressive/Nuisance = sustainable, ha. Thank you, I guess I should be glad we can’t grow it here.

      It’s been a pleasure to follow 🙂

    • Quite true, they are quite sustainable and almost maintenance free when used in flooring and other things. It come as a suprise to many when bamboo is used as scaffolding in construction of multi-storey buildings. Best regards, Michael

  3. Wonderful photos from all over the world – spring, summer and autumn at once … wonderful. My pick is from the lake in JiuZhaiGou, China – such a peaceful shot and beautiful. Well-chosen shots for the challenge

  4. Such great photography! I adore the picture of the trees in China as well.
    What you said is so close to what I was thinking about in my latest post. It’s so true, we are not alone. Isn’t that wonderful?


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