75 comments on “Travel Theme: Multiples (2)

    • Some day, I may do that. I knew of many people who have travelled more than I do. One problem is I lost basically all the non-digital photos. Thank you for your suggestion!

  1. Particularly intrigued by the padlock in the first photo, the desert shelters and the Turkish library. I wouldn’t want to walk anywhere near that library, fearing that a stone from above would shake loose and fall on me. Beautiful multiples. Thanks for showing us.

    • I was also intrigued and have no idea what is stored behind the screen doors. Thank you for the perusal and the “like”. Regards, Michael

    • Hi Jill, those umbrellas are for shading people from one area of interest to another. This is the first time I see them in a desert. Thank you!

    • Hi, Those umbrellas are for shading people from one area of interest to another. This is the first time I see them in a desert. Thank you for the “like”!

    • Yes, these are the photos which I may not have posted if I just talk about travelling. Those umbrellas are for shading people from one area of interest to another. This is the first time I see them in a desert. Thank you!

  2. Stunning pictures. I have always been fascinated by architecture… probably because of it’s balance and symmetry. These photos show that aspect off in a truly beautiful way. I have a few similar pictures I took it Israel, a great place to explore the architecture.

  3. I’m stuck between the multiple arches and the multiple umbrellas as my favorite. Both are very cool. Although I can appreciate the umbrellas more if I ever go to Mongolia and need the shade.🙂

    • If I have to choose, I would more prefer the multiple arches. Those umbrellas are for shading people from one area of interest to another. They are really good when you have to walk a long way under the sun without any cover. Thank you!

  4. Stunning wood carvings, I enlarged it to take a good look. You can spend a lot of time but still see something new. Looking at the Dolmacbache Palace really shines a light on the economic situation in some of these countries. Not only do they have to spend money on modern infrastructure like roads, bridges etc…I imagine it gets very expensive to maintain these ancient sites so that they are safe enough for the public.

    • There are a lot of details on those wood carvings.In China, it is not uncommon to paint over the wood carvings in gold. The blue colors on the woodcarvings intrigued me a bit. Turkey is not ranked very high up on National GDP, as you say, they have to invest heavily on infrastructure, but also on maintenance of heritage buildings / sites, education, weapons etc. . . .

    • Hi, nobody yet knows where Genghis Khan is buried, National Geographic has a project looking for it. His burial place is quite secrete, some rumours that it is under a river. However, there is a masouleum for him in Inner Mongolia>

  5. Hi Michael… thanks for recently liking a post of mine and causing me to take a look at what you’re doing. Love the images you’re presenting to us, and your writing. Your perspective is a really fascinating one, and I’m grateful you’ve decided to share your thoughts with all of us. Happy travels!🙂

  6. I love how you found a common theme for such diverse things and places. Each photo is great on its own but when put together they make us look in a different way. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Michael,

    First let me say thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to read a few of them. I believe your Hero Square, Budapest photograph above is my favorite from this post. I also find myself pulled toward nature shots (all of the time) but am working on pushing myself to branch out to other genres.

    Jennifer Wilcox
    Walnut Cottage

    • Hi Jennifer, like you, I like nature but will attempt to shot other subjects as well. I hope I can improve on taking photos of people and animals. Thank you!

    • Hi, mental vacation is the first time I have heard of in the comments. Glad that you enjoy the posts / pictures. Thanks very much for the perusal!

  8. While I may not always comment on your photos, I always enjoy looking at them. On the theme of multiples, I have some photos I took of designs in the old sultan’s palace, Topkapı, in Istanbul, which also carry a repetitive theme, and are quite beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    • Hi crabandfish, I spent a considerable amount of time travelling in the last 1.5 years. I must admit, however, that some of the photos I used for photo challenges are from my archive. Thanks for the perusal and the “likes”. Regards, Michael

    • Hi crabandish, thanks so much for the nomination which I understand is an important award. I have decided not to pursue or accept any nomination / award during my retirement and for this reason, I have already turned down all similar awards. Knowing that my blog is read in many places of the world (160 countries) is already my biggest reward. With regret, I have to decline the nomination. Thank you once again for the nomination which is very much appreciated! Best wishes to you also, Michael

  9. I especially liked the umbrellas of Inner Mongolia and the Lithuanian Arches. I too would love to hear more details about your travels!! I am leaving for India next month for a spiritual retreat in Allahabad! I am very excited to be going!!

  10. Greetings from Australia Michael,
    I really love the photographs that you have taken, there is a good variety and the architecture is particularly fascinating. Keep up the great work.🙂
    God bless you.

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