Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 1

This is the first week Lingering Visions is hosting the new Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 1.

I have two pictures both taken in Latvia, a Baltic country, showing windows which I find interesting.

I like many of the details in the picture below: the flower-pot in the form of a pig, the yellow flowers, the color and texture of the timber frame and shutter,  the black hinges, the contrast in colors etc.DSC_0008

On the other one, the focus is more on the wall than on the windows. Again, there are flowers below the window sill, the reflections from the window pane, the old  windows.  The paint on the wall below the window has cracked off showing a bad state of repair.DSC_0074

A window is defined as a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass window pane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air.

I like windows, not only for the light and the fresh air; gazing out the window often gives me the opportunity of day dreaming and deep thinking. . . . . . .

52 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 1

  1. Oh Michael, I am so excited to have you participate. I love your photography and enjoyed the edit that went along with these images. In the one what does Lina classic mean? Is this some type of cafe perhaps?

  2. I like windows, too, Michael. Mainly for looking into!! I remember being in Holland and being surprised how the Dutch keep their curtains open at night and you can look straight into their rooms. It’s like looking into film sets and seeing a slice of life. The UK is generally not like that. Most windows have coverings, curtains or blinds but there is the moment at twilight when the lights go and and before the curtains are drawn when if I am on a bus or train I am still fascinated by that peek into someone else’s life.


  3. Michael, I love photographing windows and doors because I think of them as “possibilities.” The pig-shaped flower box is great. You may have inspired a future post on Bmore Energy.

  4. I like your windows and the thoughts and dreams you convey through them.
    Most of my windows have screens…but the bay in the dining room does not.
    And I often use it to look out at the nature in my yard for my morning inspiration.

  5. Hello Michael, like everyone else, I also like pic of those windows you’ve taken. But I also wonder who are the lucky people that live beyond those windows ? 😉 wish I could live there too..

    • I think the first one is the window of a cafe and the second one is the window of an ordinary home. Guess all of us can be the lucky people living in a home with windows. Thank you for the perusal and kind comment!

  6. omg, I almost missed this post! I’m glad I was able to catch up. I just love the photos. I can relate to them. Sort of the window I would like to stare out of…daydreaming or just simply gazing…

    • Glad that you were able to catch up. I am also fascinated by picture of people standing in front of window gazing out; there is a famous impressioinst painting on that. Thank you for your kind comment!

  7. to my surprise, the window with the pig flower vase, i saw that too in estonia! exactly the same, only with a different inscription: estonian restaurant. even the wooden door also has 3 holes in the same spots. i’ll post it later together with my trip to estonia. i wonder if they do copycat one to another, or it simply comes from the same manufacturer…. what a coincidence….

    • Could they belong to a chain restaurant or are they just typical, that I don’t know and have to find out. Thank you for your perusal and kind words 🙂

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